Research Contracts

Year after year, the successful completion of research projects has given ACSE a reputation second to none. Current contracts total over £20M from more than 40 research grants (from UK research councils, industry and overseas) to fund ACSE research laboratories and to support research programmes.

Below is a list of current and recent research contracts.
Current contracts

Recent contracts completed in:
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Current Contracts

Awarding body Grant Holders Title Period Amount
EPSRC S R Anderson, T J Dodd, R Dwyer-Joyce, J Boxall (PI), R Collins Assessing the Underworld - An Integrated Performance Model of City Infrastructures 2013-2017 £5.8M
EC S R Anderson, K Gurney No Tremor (Virtual, Physiological and Computational Neuromuscular Models for the Predictive Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease) 2014-2016 €2.9M
EPSRC S R Anderson, J Porrill (PI), P Dean, A J Prescott Bioinspired Control of Electro-Active Polymers for Next Generation Soft Robots 2012-2015 £1.1M
Royal Society S R Anderson Soft Exoskeletons for Longer Mobile Lives in the 21st Century 2013-2014 £15,000
Sheffield Hospitals Charity S R Anderson Gastric Surface Mapping for Future Automated Approaches to Wireless Capsule Endoscopy of the Upper Gastrointestinal (GI) Tract 2013-2014 £16,615
STFC M A Balikhin Cluster Post Launch Support 2014 Phase 2 2014 £111,952
Commisariat a L'Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives M A Balikhin (PI), R Boynton Statistical Study of electron flux dropouts at GEO (Geosynchronous Earth Orbit) 2014 £4,574
Royal Society M A Balikhin Investigation into self-consistent dynamics of waves and energetic particles in near-Earth plasma based on multi-satellite measurements 2012-2014 £12,000
EPSRC Frontier Engineering Award S A Billings, V Kadirkamanathan,
M J Hounslow (PI), D Lacroix, M Viceconti, A Pavic, E McCloskey and T Skerry
Modelling complex and partially identified engineering problems-Application to the individualised multi-scale simulation of the musculoskeletal system 2013-2018 £4.8m
BBSRC S A Billings, D Coca,
Y Zheng (PI), J Berwick, A J Kennerley,E Milne, P Regreave
Understanding neural excitation and inhibition: Implications for the interpretation of extracellular field potentials and  neurovascular coupling 2013-2016 £615,105
The Ryder Briggs Charity S A Billings, P G Sarrigiannis, Y Zhao, H L Wei, F He The thalamic clock and the cortical focus theory in childhood absence epilepsy—an insight with a new approach of quantitative EEG analysis in the time domain: the error reduction ratio method 2013-2014 £8,378
Advanced Investigator Grant of the European Research Council S A Billings Nonlinear Systems Identification and Analysis in the Time, Frequency, and Spatio-Temporal Domains 2009-2014 €1.9M
EPSRC S A Billings, D Coca Spatio-Temporal Systems Estimation, Modelling, and Analysis 2010-2014 £499,542
EPSRC Platform Grant Renewal S A Billings, V Kadirkamanathan, Z Q Lang, D Coca, M Balikhin, H Wei System Identification and Information Processing for Complex Systems 2010-2015 £1.2M
EU Human Frontier Science Prog D Coca, P Andrews (PI) Stem cell dynamics in time and space 2012-2015 £337,500
Royal Society V Fedun India-UK Scientific Seminar Scheme - R2 2014 £5,000
Royal Society V Fedun (PI),
R Von Fay-Siebenburgen
Multiple-factor analysis and modeling of ionospheric perturbations. A cooperation between Sheffield and Russia 2013-2015 £12,000
EC P J Fleming New Horizons for Multi Criteria Decision Making 2012-2015 €287,700
TSB P J Fleming,
V Gillet (PI), P Willett
N8 Bio-Hub Information System 2014-2015 £340,362
EPSRC P J Fleming,
V Gillet (PI), P Willett
Bio-renewable Formulation Information and Knowledge Management System 2014-2016 £25,296
EPSRC P J Fleming (PI), R Purshouse, V Kadirkamanathan, Rao Optimization for robust design: Integrating model-based systems engineering with multi-criteria decision-making support in a distributed framework 2014-2018 £1,074,429
EPSRC R Gross Evo-Bots - From Intelligent Building Blocks to Living Things 2013-2014 £100,905
EPSRC R Gross, T J Dodd, D Coca, S Veres, Prescott T (PI), Moore R, Heley J, Wilson S, Mazza C, Hawley D Human-Machine Cooperation in Robotics and Autonomous Systems 2013-2014 £1M
EPSRC/Network Rail R F Harrison,
M Gilbert, C C Smith
Ultimate & permissible limit state behaviour of soil-filled masonry arch bridges 2011-2015 £418,000
Network Rail R F Harrison Establishment of a Rail Innovation and Technology Centre 2009-2014 £400,000
DEFRA R F Harrison, D Lerner (PI), P R Bibby Water quality risks from light industrial estate runoff 2013-2014 £150,000
EPSRC B L Jones Wind Turbine Gust Prediction 2013-2014 £98,611
BBSRC V Kadirkamanathan,
H Wilson (PI), G Priestman
Novel zebrafish approaches to investigate leaderless protein secretion in vivo 2013-2016 £373,297
TSB V Kadirkamanathan (PI), A R Mills, G Jewell, G Priestman Strategic Investment in Low-carbon Energy Technology (SILOET) II 2013-2015 £359,006
Rolls-Royce V Kadirkamanathan (PI), A R Mills, T J Dodd, B L Jones UTC Control and Systems Engineering 2014 2014 £289,870
NERC V Kadirkamanathan, S A Billings,
G R Bigg, E Hanna
A century of variability in Greenland melting and iceberg calving 2011-2014 £311,959
British Council: UK-India Partnership UKIERI
V Kadirkamanathan (PI), S A Pope, P J Fleming Integrated Sensing, Monitoring and Healing for Complex Autonomous Systems 2012-2014 £20,400
EC A Kolling Multi-Robot Systems (Marie Curie) 2014-2018 £83,333
EPSRC Z Q Lang (PI), T J Dodd,
Gui Yun Tian, J Austin, Jeff Neasham, Z. Ding
Novel Sensing and Network for Intelligent Monitoring - Newton 2012-2016  £1.2m
EU FP7 Z Q Lang Demonstration of methods and tools for the optimisation of operational reliability of large-scale industrial wind turbines-Optimus 2013-2016 €3.3M
Royal Society and the National Science Foundation of China Z Q Lang Structural damage evaluation using nonlinear Lamb wave and frequency analyses 2013-2015 £12,000 (RS) + RMB130,000 (NSF); (£12k Sheffield)
EC J Liu Reactive control protocols for cyber-physical systems 2013-2017 £84,034
Royal Society J Liu Royal Society International Exchanges Scheme 2014-2015 £12,000
TSB A R Mills (PI), V Kadirkamanathan, J Liu, R F Harrison PreDICT 2014-2017 £214,641
QinetiQ Ltd, UK A R Mills (PI), T J Dodd QinetiQ Predictive Modelling 2013-2014 £55,429
EPSRC A R Mills (PI), R C Purshouse Value-based Bayesian sequential analysis for fault monitoring 2014 £18,099
Rolls-Royce Plc A R Mills (PI), V Kadirkamanathan, B L Jones, D Holtby, Rigelsford Wireless Engine Health Management (EHM) for Civil Aero 2013-2014 £96,520
EC L S Mihaylova Training network on tRAcking in compleX sensor systems (TRAX) 2013-2017 £4.1M
EPSRC L S Mihaylova BTaRoT: Bayesian Tracking and Reasoning over Time 2013-2016 £357,136
Selex ES Ltd L S Mihaylova Information Fusion: Framework Architectures for Dynamic Heterogeneous Information Fusion 2013-2014 £98,666
TWI Ltd. Yorkshire, UK G Panoutsos Automated Systems for Intelligent Stir Tracking and Optimisation 2013-2016 £24,000
TWI Ltd. Cambridge, UK G Panoutsos Multiscale model-based search for optimal Process Operating Windows in Friction Stir Welding 2010-2014 £6,000
ESRC R C Purshouse Complex systems modelling of alcohol consumption dynamics in the British population 2012-2014 £173,428
Rolls-Royce Plc R C Purshouse (PI), T J Dodd, Q C Zhong ASUR Hybrid Power Packs 2013-2014 £29,991
EPSRC S Veres Distributed Sensing, Control and Decision Making in Multiagent Autonomous Systems 2012-2017 £1.3M
EPSRC S Veres Reconfigurable Autonomy 2013-2016 £443,918
EPSRC Q C Zhong Developing Fundamental Theory and Enabling Technologies for Parallel Operation of Inverters to Facilitate Large-scale Utilisation of Renewable Energy 2013-2016 £372,166
EPSRC Q C Zhong Developing FUTURE Vehicles  (Fundamental Understanding of Technologies for Ultra Reduced Emission Vehicles) 2012-2015 £3.0M
EPSRC Q C Zhong, Stone D (PI), Foster M, Gladwin D, Hall P Capital for Great Technologies - Grid Scale Energy Storage 2013-2014 £4,549,516
(£909,000 Sheffield)
Royal Academy of Engineering Q C Zhong Robust control of systems with delays and control applications in energy systems 2013-2014 £6,000
EPSRC Q C Zhong, Foster M,
Stone D (PI), Gladwin D, Hall P
Grid Connected Energy Storage Research Demonstrator 2013-2014 £4.5M
EPSRC Q C Zhong SANDPIT: Integrating and Automating Airport Operations 2011-2014 £400,474


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Contracts completed in 2013

Awarding body Grant Holders Title Period Amount
STFC M Balikhin Cluster Ops Extension phase 2 2013 £109,524
BBSRC McNeil et al including ACSE staff S A Billings, V Kadirkamanathan, D Coca Doctoral Training Grant for ten four-year PhD studentships at the interface between Medicine, the Life Sciences, Engineering and Chemistry' 2009-2013 £763,459
BBSRC D Coca, M Juusola, S A Billings Reverse Engineering Drosophila's Retinal Networks 2010-2013 £532,115
Ford Motor Company P J Fleming Development of an Optimisation Framework 2012-2013 £34,300
Ford Motor Company P J Fleming Development of an Optimisation Framework (Phase 2) 2013 £65,688
EU 7th FWP (Seventh Framework Programme) R Gross Autonomous evolution of robotic organisms 2010-2013 €45,000
Rolls-Royce Plc V Kadirkamanathan, T J Dodd, A R Mills Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre in Control and Systems Engineering  2013 2013 £304,185
Rolls-Royce Plc V Kadirkamanathan, A R Mills, Rigelsford (PI), Langley Wireless Measurement and Communication in Extreme Marine Environments 2013 £45,206
Vestas Wind Systems V Kadirkamanathan (PI), B L Jones, J A Rossiter, S A Pope, Z Q Lang Wind Turbine Monitoring and Control 2012-2013 £120,000
TSB Z Q Lang An integrated wayside condition monitoring system for axle bearing 2012-2013 £392,695
Rolls-Royce Plc A  R Mills Astraea II WP 1.6 2012-2013 £75,544
METRC G Panoutsos Online and real-time condition monitoring of Friction Stir Welding 2013 £10,000
EPSRC S A Pope Active Metamaterials for Control of Sound and Vibration 2011-2013 £94,000
Wellcome Trust P Richmond, S C Soubes (PI), N Hammond Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund: Crucible Funding 2012-2013 £40,000
INSF (Iranian National Science Foundation) Tokhi MO with Gharooni SC, Iran University of Medical Sciences & Health Services, USWR, CLAWAR Asociation Iran Chapter Designing and development of functional electrical stimulation-assisted rowing machine and its efficacy in patients with spinal cord injury 2011-2013 £12,000
EPSRC Q C Zhong International Collaboration Sabbatical: To Foster Long-term Collaboration with Leading Control and Power Electronics Experts in the USA 2012-2013 £106,125

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Contracts completed in 2012

Awarding body Grant Holders Title Period Amount
EU 7th FWP (Seventh Framework Programme) M Balikhin, V Kadirkamanathan Search for Electro-Magnetic Earthquake Precursors combining satellite and ground-based facilities (SEMEP) 2010-2012  €452,514
STFC M Balikhin Kinetic Theory of waves in space and astrophysical plasmas 2009-2012 £293,792
STFC M Balikhin (PI), S A Pope Sheffield Cluster post launch extension 2011-2012 £210,003
EU/RAISME P J Fleming Platform for Rapid Application Development 2010-2012 €145,000
EPSRC, (University of Sheffield component) P J Fleming White Rose Grid E-Science Centre Platform Grant 2008-2012 £168,604
Rolls-Royce Plc P J Fleming Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre in Control and Systems Engineering  2012 2012 £268,944
Unilever Research Grant R Gross and V Kadirkamanathan Nonlinear signal processing for time series classification 2011-2012 £62,414
Rolls-Royce Plc H A Thompson Nuclear Submarines 3 2012 £60,000
Network Rail/TSB H A Thompson, R F Harrison Energy harvesting and wireless sensors for remote condition monitoring of railway infrastructure 2010-2012 £160,000
Royal Society Collaboration Grant V Kadirkamanathan and H L Wei Investigation of the control mechanism on co-culture bioethanol producing system 2010-2012  £11,950
EPSRC KTA award Z Q Lang (PI), Y Zhang Digital stereo Imaging and signal processing based condition monitoring technology for wind turbine blades 2011-2012 £59,217
Royal Society Z Q Lang Experimental study of beneficial effect of nonlinear damper on vibration control 2010-2012 £11,190
EPSRC M Mahfouf (PI) Goal-Directed Trajectory Planning of Therapeutic Pathways for Septic Shock Patients Using Fuzzy Granules-Oriented Maps 2009-2012 £319,421
EPSRC IMMPETUS Phase-III M Mahfouf IMMPETUS Phase III. A New framework for Hybrid Through-process Modelling, Process Simulation and Optimisation in the Metals Industry 2008-2012 £4,6M
EPSRC Platform Grant M Mahfouf Modern Metals Processing: Transfer of knowledge and core skills to new and emerging technologies. 2007-2012 £295,000
EPSRC H L Wei System Identification and Data Modelling of Complex Nonlinear and Nonstationary Processes 2011-2012 £101,0
TSB Q C Zhong Knowledge Transfer Partnership between the University of Liverpool and Power Systems Warehouse Ltd 2010-2012 £4,845

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Contracts completed in 2011

Awarding body Grant Holders Title Period Amount
STFC M A Balikhin Venus Express Post Launch Support 2009-2011 £26,792
STFC M A Balikhin Venus Express science exploitation 2008-2011 £254,097
BBSRC P Wright, et al including S A Billings Microbial Applications to Tissue Engineering: An Exemplar Network for Synthetic Biology 2008-2011 £135,520
BBSRC D Coca and R Beynon High-Performance FPGA-Based Computational Platform For Quantitative Proteomics 2008-2011 £515,001
EU Framework 6 T J Dodd and D H Owens Novel Q 2008-2011 £26,825
DEFRA T J Dodd GRAIL Food Handling Robot 2009-2011 £300,600
Rolls-Royce Plc
P J Fleming Extension to Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre in Control and Systems Engineering (2011) 2011 £295,002
UKIERI Award P J Fleming Optimal Vibration Control of Composite Structures 2009-2011 £44,680
EPSRC Z Q Lang, S A Billings, G R Tomlinson New Generation Damping Technologies 2008-2011 £378,519
UK Northern Wind Innovation Program (NWIP) Grant Z Q Lang Novel Integrated Condition Monitoring System for Wind Turbine Components 2010-2011 £80,664
Rolls-Royce Plc A R Mills Astraea II WP 1.6 2011 £9,608
The British Council (DelPHE scheme) M O Tokhi with Kabul University (Afghanistan) Use of ICT for education and training in higher education sector 2008-2011 £60,000
BAE Systems Research Grant V Kadirkamanathan, P Richmond Decision support tool in FLAME GPU 2011 £51,895

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Contracts completed in 2010

Awarding body Grant Holders Title Period Amount
EPSRC Platform Grant S A Billings, V Kadirkamanathan, Z Q Lang, D Coca
M Balikhin
System identification and Signal Processing for Complex Systems 2005-2010 £422,571
The Leverhulme Trust U Nehmzow and S A Billings System Identification for Rapid Generation of Transparent, Analysable Control Code for Autonomous Mobile Robots 2007-2010 £129,887
MRC Fellowship D Coca Stem Cell Dynamics: Exploration of the Stem Cell Attractor Landscape 2009-2010 £109,000
EPSRC Q C Zhong, A Zolotas, D Coca, K Li and S Evangelou New-ACE: A Network for New Academics in Control Engineering 2007-2010 £87,800
Rolls-Royce P J Fleming Extension to Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre in Control and Systems Engineering 2008-2010 £976,221
European Framework 6 (12 Partners) M Mahfouf
J Yates
C Pinna
Compact Project on 'Fatigue Systems Modelling for Al Alloys' 2006-2010 €140,000
BSI M O Tokhi Safety standard for "Robots in personal care" 2007–2010 £8,116
UoSh (Knowledge Transfer Rapid Response Fund) M O Tokhi with Tsuchiya A (ScHARR and Economics), Maheswaran R (ScHARR), Piling R (Sheffield Renewables) Effect of wind turbines on health & wellbeing 2009-2010 £4,536

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Contracts completed in 2009

Awarding body Grant Holders Title Period Amount
PPARC M A Balikhin Nonlinear Waves in Hot Plasma 2006-2009 £173,640
EPSRC S A Billings Identification and Analysis of Nonlinear Systems in the Time and the Frequency Domain 2005-2009 £256,875
EPSRC S A Billings, Y Zheng, J Martindale, D Coca, J E W Mayhew System Identification and Signal Processing for Neuro-Imaging data Aalysis 2006-2009 £264,277
EPSRC S A Billings, D Coca System Identification and Model validation for Spatio-Temporal Dynamical Systems 2006-2009 £295,373
BBSRC D Coca, R Beynon Hardware Accelerated Data Processing Pipeline For Proteomics 2008-2009 £98,559
ALSTOM Power Service S Daley Optimal Data-Mining Methodologies for Power Plant Anomaly Detection 2006-2009 £53,000
EU Framework 6 T J Dodd, D H Owens RobotCub 2008-2009 £198,759
EPSRC/GSK Joint Grant V.Gillet, P.Willett and  V.Kadirkamanathan Array design for lead optimization in pharmaceutical research 2006-2009 £235,682
MOET-EU led by Airbus (France) H A Thompson Sheffield working on simulation of primary and secondary power systems under databus control for future More Electric Aircraft 2006-2009 €350,000
DTI and Industry H A Thompson
Jaguar Cars
Goodrich Aerospace
York University
Modelling Simulation and Incremental Certification - MOSAIC 2006-2009 £1.25M
(£250,000 Sheffield)
EPSRC (Bridging the Gaps) Tokhi M O with Zinober A and Triantafyllapoulos K Uncertainty analysis for set-point tracking and vibration control of flexible manoeuvring systems 2009 £21,368

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Contracts completed in 2008

Awarding Body Grant Holders Title Period Amount
PPARC H Alleyne Dynamical Processes and Wave Turbulence at the Boundaries of the Magnetosphere 2004-2008 £164,825
PPARC H Alleyne Post Launch Support for Cluster II Digital Wave Processor (DWP) Operations and Data Handling 2000-2008 £1.5M
ESA H Alleyne Technical Assistance for DWP Instrument in support of the CLUSTER Active Archive 2005-2008 €289,428
PPARC M Balikhin, H Alleyne Dynamical Processes and Plasma Wave Turbulence and the Boundaries of Magnetosphere 2004-2008 £164,825
The University of Sheffield D. Coca, R. Beynon, S. Smith, V. Hughes Proof Of Concept Fund Award. Hardware acceleration of data processing in proteomics. 2007-2008 £10,000
EPSRC T J Dodd, R F Harrison, N D Lawrence Mathematics for Data Modelling 2007-2008 £36,000
The University of Sheffield N Spooner, T J Dodd, S Maddock, N Allinson Business Research Fellow in Security and Crime Detection 2007-2008 £75,000
EPSRC P J Fleming with University of Leeds (lead) and University of York The White Rose Grid e-Science Centre 2006-2008 £272,083
OMEGA Award P J Fleming Control Strategies For A Cleaner Exhaust 2008 £60,000
Unilever Research Grant V.Kadirkamanathan Nonlinear and nonstationary signal processing 2007-2008 £101,000
EU FP6 Co-ordination Action project D A Linkens Nature-inspired Smart Information Systems (NiSIS) 2005-2008 €140,000
EPSRC M Mahfouf, Professor Hockey   2003-2008 £9,258
EPSRC M Mahfouf, G H Mills Fuzzy Granular Decision Support for Ventilator Optimisation in Critically Ill Patients using Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) 2005-2008 £224,214
EU INTAS H A Thompson Innovation grant to develop previous health monitoring work into commercial product 2006-2008 €25,000

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Contracts completed in 2007

Awarding body Grant Holders Title Period Amount
BBSRC R. Beynon
Dr D. Coca
Application of Field Programmable Gate Arrays to Eliminate Bottlenecks in Near-instrument Proteomics 2004-2007 £230,130
EPSRC Dr D. Coca Adaptive Control of Infinite Dimensional Systems using Reconfigurable Computers 2004-2007 £132,014
ALSTOM Power Service S Daley Application of non-linear signal processing tools 2004-2007 £39,000
The University of Sheffield Proof of Concept Fund T J Dodd Quadrotor mini Uninhabited Air Vehicle 2007 £10,000
Rolls-Royce P Fleming Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre in Control and Systems Engineering 2004-2007 £764,430
DTI Award P J Fleming, V Kadirkamanathan, H A Thompson BROADEN - Business Resource Optimisation for Aftermarket and Design on Engineering Networks 2005-2007 £201,756
EPSRC M Mahfouf
J J Ross
Development of an Adaptive Fuzzy Advisory System for Drug Delivery to Patients Undergoing Cardio-ByPass Surgery 2004-2007 £174,429
EPSRC M Mahfouf
G R J Hockey
Adaptive control of Automation in Human-Machine Systems through Operator Functional State Monitoring 2004-2007 £364,724
EPSRC IMMPETUS Phase II M Mahfouf, D A Linkens, J H Beynon, C M Sellars, I C Howard, W M Rainforth, C Pinna, E J Palmiere Thermomechanical Processing: Metallurgy, Mechanics and Modelling 2002-2007 £3.91M
Consortium of UK Industry, Government and regional bodies H A Thompson ASTRAEA Programme - Intelligent Agent Engine Management for UAVs 2006-2007 £167,000
(Part of a £32M project led by BAe Systems)

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Contracts completed in 2006

Awarding body Grant Holders Title Period Amount
EPSRC D J Allerton Real-time Simulation of the Effects of Wake Vortices on Civil Transport Aircraft 2003-2006 £290,921
PPARC H Alleyne Post Launch Support for the Cassini Radio and Plasma Wave Software 2000-2006 £15,232
Royal Society H Alleyne Visiting Researcher 2006 £1,720
PPARC M Balikhin A Theoretical Kinetic Study of low frequency waves in high beta non-uniformanisotropic space plasmas 2003-2006 £146,503
EPSRC U Nehmzow and S A Billings Robot MODIC: Modelling Identification and Characterisation of Robotic Environment 2004-2006 £193,722
EPSRC S A Billings Identification and Analysis of Spatio Temporal Systems 2003-2006 £244,255
SRIF Funding J E W Mayhew et al, S A Billings Neuroscience Imaging Initiative 2005-2006 £1.08M
INTAS Innovation Grant P J Fleming, H A Thompson Intelligent Adaptive Condition Monitoring of Gas Turbine Engines 2006 €25,000
EPSRC Z Q Lang Nonlinear Output Frequency Response Functions 2004-2006 £122,980
Royal Society Z Q Lang The application of advanced optimization approaches to analytical engineering designs 2006 £6,900
South Korean Consortium for Steel Processing M Mahfouf Hybrid Modelling of Engineering alloy Steel 2005-2006 £20,000

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Contracts completed in 2005

Awarding body Grant Holders Title Period Amount
Guild of Air Pilots and Navigators D J Allerton Equipment grant for an Airbus side-stick 2005 £3,500
EPSRC Y Zheng, S A Billings, and J E W Mayhew Identification and Modelling of Haemodynamic Response and Oxygen Delivery to Brain 2002-2005 £223,788
EPSRC S A Billings Identification of Engineering Systems that Exhibit Sub Harmonics 2002-2005 £208,476
EPSRC (via York University contract) P J Fleming, H A Thompson, V Kadirkamanathan Distributed Aircraft Maintenance Environment - E-Science GRID Demonstrator (Sheffield) 2002-2005 £480,622
EPSRC (via York University contract) P J Fleming, H A Thompson, V Kadirkamanathan Decision support for integrated logistics PhD Project Studentship 2002-2005 £89,700
Sheffield Hospitals Charitable Trust S S Cross (Genomic Medicine), R F Harrison Expression of cell adhesion molecules, matrix metalloproteinases and cell cycle regulator proteins in carcinoma of the oesophagus using Tissue Micro Arrays 2003-2005 £9,000
EPSRC D H Owens, P J Fleming, S Bennett, N Mort Master's Training Package in Control and Systems Engineering 2000-2005 £814,944
EPSRC D H Owens with P Lewin & E Rogers, (Southampton University ). Iterative Learning Control with Application to Multi-axis Systems 2002-2005 £201,000
European Commision H A Thompson (Coordinator) FLEXICON-Flexible Control Systems Development and Integration Environment for Distributed Systems 2002-2005 €1,876,139
Royal Academy of Engineering M O Tokhi International conference grant, 1999-2005 £3,900
EC GROWTH M O Tokhi, Thematic Network CLAWAR Mobile robotic demonstrators and applications (Dissemination) 2002–2005 £25,140

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Contracts completed in 2004

Awarding Body Grant Holders Title Period Amount
EPSRC D J Allerton, A F Clarke Feature Extraction in Enhanced Vision Systems for Civil Aircraft 2001-2004 £330,328
PPARC H Alleyne A Programme of Plasma Wave Turbulence Studies with the Cluster II Digital Wave Processor 2001-2004 £337,798
ESA/Astrium H Alleyne Double Star Programme 2002-2004 £51,030
EPSRC (a ROPA Award) G R Tomlinson, S A Billings and Z Q Lang A Novel Approach to Vibration Attenuation by Exploiting Nonlinear Energy Transfer Concepts 2002-2004 £136,931
Royal Society D. Coca Optimal Control and Stabilization of Parabolic-like Equations 2004 £1,430
ALSTOM Power S Daley Active Control of Rotating Stall in Axial Flow Compressors 2003-2004 £14,000
HEFCE (under the HEIF Knowledge Exchange Programme) R F Harrison Kickstarting an Innovation Culture and Early Stakeholder Interest for Advanced Methods for Online Modelling, Identification and Filtering 2003-2004 £9,000
Rolls-Royce P J Fleming Support of EPSRC CASE students 2000-2004 £44,000
Rolls-Royce P J Fleming Multivariable control of gas turbine engines (ANTLE) 2000-2004 £48,000
EU INTAS Consortium (Co-ordinator: P J Fleming) Intelligent Adaptive Condition Monitoring of Gas Turbines Based on Markov Modelling 2001-2004 €150,000
Rolls-Royce P J Fleming Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre in Control and Systems Engineering 2000-2004 £1,155,060
University Research Fund Z Q Lang Development of a Symbolic Computing Software Package for Nonlinear System Analysis and Design 2004 £3,000
Royal Society Z Q Lang Application of advanced optimization approaches to the design of engineering systems and structures 2004 £1,800
The British Council (Treaty of Windsor Scheme) Tokhi MO with IST - Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal Effective modelling and control of flexible robot manipulators 2002-2004 £3,000
EPSRC Tokhi MO with University of Leeds, University of Southampton, Salisbury District Hospital, The Inspire Foundation, and Spinal Injuries Association Bio-robotic walking orthoses - phase 1 2001-2004 £114,933

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Contracts completed in 2003

Awarding body Grant Holders Title Period Amount
EU Framework 5 D J Allerton Smart Hybrid Integrated Navigation Equipment (SHINE) 2000-2003 £215,000
PPARC H Alleyne Cassini Post Launch Support for PRWS 2000-2003 £7,980
Royal Society M A Balikhin Host PI for The Royal Society Postdoctoral Fellowship 2002-2003 c£12,000
EPSRC S A Billings Identification of spatio-temporal dynamical systems 2000-2003 £212,573
EPSRC S A Billings, G R Tomlinson Frequency domain estimation and filtering for nonlinear systems 2000-2003 £167,637
EPSRC R F Harrison A New Approach to Non-linear Adaptive Filtering 2001-2003 £86,212
EPSRC D A Linkens, J H Beynon, I C Howard From processing to properties: characterisation of toughness 2000-2003 £315,760
EPSRC D H Owens Multi-periodic Repetitive Control 2000-2003 £150,000
H A Thompson Low Emissions Combustion Control for Aero Gas Turbines 1999-2002 extended to 2003 £120,000,

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Contracts completed in 2002

Awarding body Grant Holders Title Period Amount
EPSRC S A Billings and G R Tomlinson Estimation, Analysis and Synthesis of Nonlinear Systems 1997-2002 £131,535
EPSRC Y Zheng, S A Billings, J E W Mayhew, P J Coffey Identification and Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Systems with Applications to Brain Imaging 1997-2002 £272,620
EPSRC S A Billings Wavelet Modelling of Nonlinear Systems 1999-2002 £134,156
EPSRC P J Fleming with S Bennett, P Wellstead and S Hope Process Control Systems Integration 1999-2002 £148,621
GlaxoWellcome Fleming PJ with V Gillett and P Willett Evolutionary computation methods for drug discovery 1999-2002 £130,000
EPSRC IMMPETUS Phase 1 D A Linkens Advanced Models for Improved Planning and Control in Hot Working of Metals 1997-2002 £2,764,049
EU TMR Network D H Owens Advances in Nonlinear Control, as part of an EU consortium co-ordinated by SUPELEC, Paris 1998-2002 €129,000

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