Undergraduate degrees in Aerospace Engineering

Variety and choice

Whether would like to experience a year living and studying abroad, you have ambitions to learn to fly, or you would like the opportunity to work in industry for a year before you graduate, our range of courses mean there's something for everyone.

We offer three-year BEng and four-year MEng courses in Aerospace Engineering and Aerospace Engineering with Private Pilot Instruction (PPI). If you register for the PPI course, you can extend your flying experience to gain a Private Pilot Licence.

We also offer four-year or five-year MEng with a Year in Industry, or a four-year MEng with a Year in North America.

BEng or MEng?

The first two years of all our courses are common, which means that you can defer making a choice about whether you would like to study for a BEng or an MEng until the end of your second year. If you initially register for the BEng, and do well in years 1 and 2, you can then transfer to the MEng course. Similarly, MEng students may transfer to a three-year BEng programme.

Whichever course you select, after year 1 you will have the opportunity to follow a specialism of your choice. Our MEng course extends the range of options in the final two years by offering more specific paths that may be tailored to careers or interests in particular areas. The choice is yours.

Our accredited degrees

All our courses are accredited by the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS), the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), and the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3).

Accreditation by these prestigious Professional Institutions not only recognises that our high quality courses meet the standards set by the engineering profession, but having an accredited degree will help you towards becoming a Chartered Engineer (CEng) when you graduate. Some employers recruit preferentially from accredited degree programmes too.

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Aerospace Engineering courses

Degree How long UCAS code

MEng Aerospace Engineering

4 years H400

BEng Aerospace Engineering

3 years H402

MEng Aerospace Engineering (Private Pilot Instruction)

4 years H490

BEng Aerospace Engineering (Private Pilot Instruction)

3 years H460
MEng Aerospace Engineering with a Year in Industry 5 years H405
BEng Aerospace Engineering with a Year in Industry 4 years H404
MEng Aerospace Engineering with a Year in North America 4 years H406
Aerospace Engineering with a Foundation Year 1 year H407

Related courses

Degree How long UCAS code
MEng/BEng Aerospace Materials 4 years H403
MEng Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering 4 years H360
BEng Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering 3 years H361