Professor Alma Hodzic

Dipl.-Ing. in Aeronautical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Magna Cum Laude
PhD in Science of Engineering Materials, The Australian National University

Professor of Advanced Materials Technologies

Research Director of Advanced Manufacturing Institute

AMRC with Boeing, The University of Sheffield
Wallis Way, Catcliffe, Rotherham, S60 5TZ

email :

Professor Alma Hodzic is Research Director of AMI, AMRC with Boeing at The University of of Sheffield. She is also a Director of Composite Systems Innovation Centre, an academic arm of Composites at Sheffield, a joint partnership with Composite Centre at AMRC with Boeing with over 55 academic staff and researchers dedicated to innovation in composite design and manufacturing.

Having obtained a 5-year degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Belgrade University (Dipl. Ing.), she was awarded two overseas postgraduate scholarships by Australian Government and The Australian National University, where she obtained PhD in Science of Engineering Materials with a several research awards including Amelia Earhart Award from Zonta International. Following her first lectureship at ANU, she worked at RMIT University in Melbourne and James Cook University in Queensland before she joined The University of Sheffield in 2005. She has since established a strong collaboration between Sheffield and Qatar Universities, and has attracted funding of around £2.1M through applied and novel composite technologies. Her research is funded by Technology Strategy Board, Knowledge Transfer Partnership, Qatar Science and Technology Park, Air Force Office of Scientific Research (EOARD), EPSRC, Network Rail, Omega T2 and through collaborations with over 20 companies.
She has contributed over 100 science publications of which more than 50 in refereed journals, three successfully commercialised patents in Australia and UK, and has co-chaired the international conference Deformation and Fracture of Composites in 2009 (Sheffield) and 2011 (Cambridge). She acts as reviewer on international research councils (UK, Australia, Canada, Cyprus) and editor/reviewer in 15 science journals.

Her group conduct internationally collaborative research projects in life cycle assessment of aerospace emissions, covering all aspects of engineering materials manufacturing and transport. Her innovative projects include bio-polymers and bio-composites, multifunctional technologies involving 2D and 3D printing, recycled polymers for structurally loaded structures, novel high-performance impact resistant composites and hybrids, and more.

Recent Publications

Z. Shamsudin, A.Hodzic, C. Soutis, R.J.Hand, S.A.Hayes, I.P. Bond, Characterisation Of Thermo-Mechanical Properties Of Mgo-Al2o3-Sio2 Glass Ceramic With Different Heat Treatment, Journal of Materials Science 46(17):5822-5829 2011.

Hodzic A, Sultan M, Worden K, Pierce G, Hickey D, Staszewski W, Dulieu-Barton J, On Impact Damage Detection and Quantification for CFRP Laminates using Structural Response Data Only, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 2011, in press.

A.-M. Hugo, L. Scelsi , A. Hodzic, R. S. Dwyer-Joyce and F.R. Jones, Development of recycled thermoplastic polymer composites for structural applications, Plast. Rubber Compos. 2011; 40(6/7):317-323.

Scelsi L, Hodzic A, Soutis C, Hayes SA, Rajendran S, AlMa'adeed MA, Kahraman R, A review on composite materials based on recycled thermoplastics and glass fibres, Plastics, Rubber and Composites 40(1):1-10 2011.

Scelsi L, Bonner M, Hodzic A, Soutis C, Wilson C, Scaife R, Ridgway K, Potential emissions savings of lightweight composite aircraft components evaluated through life cycle assessment, Express Polymer Letters 5(3):209-217 2011.

Jumahat A, Soutis C, Hodzic A, A graphical method predicting the compressive strength of toughened unidirectional composite laminates, Applied Composite Materials 18(1):65-83 2011.

Saravanan Rajendran, Lino Scelsi, Alma Hodzic, Constantinos Soutis, Mariam AlMa'adeed, Environmental impact assessment of composites containing recycled plastics, Resource Conservation and Recycling, in press.