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Postgraduate research topics

This page outlines generic areas of research that named staff in our department are interested in. It is not exhaustive, but is designed to give an overview of the kinds of areas that motivated international PhD students might find a niche. If you do not see your specialist interest on this page we would still encourage you to send in an enquiry form. Alternatively contact us to discuss your research interests.

More details for the staff involved in each topic area below can be found in the research group pages for each of the topics.

Ecology and Environment

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  • Conservation and biodiversity (Dr K Evans, Dr T Webb, Dr A P Beckerman)
  • Pollution biology (Prof L Maltby, Dr P Warren, Dr G Phoenix)
  • Urban ecology (Prof B Hatchwell, Dr. K Evans, Dr P Warren)
  • Climate change (Prof T Callaghan, Dr C Wellman, Prof P Grime, Prof I Woodward, Prof D Beerling, Dr C. Osborne, Dr K Evans, Dr G Phoenix)
  • Environmental biology (Dr C Wellman, Prof M Rees, Dr C Osborne)
  • Disease biology (Prof M Boots, Dr D Childs, Dr J Rolff, Prof M. Siva-Jothy)
  • Food web ecology (Dr A P Beckerman, Dr P H Warren)
  • Population and community ecology (Prof M Rees, Prof R Freckleton, Dr P H Warren, Dr G Phoenix, Dr K Evans, Dr A P Beckerman,)
  • Agriculture, ecology and evolution (Prof R Freckleton, Prof J Scholes, Dr K Evans, Dr C Osborne)
  • Quantitative ecology (Dr D Childs, Prof R Freckleton, Prof M Boots, Prof M Rees)
  • Paleoecology/Paleoclimatology (Prof D Beerling, Dr C Osborne, Dr C Wellman)
  • Ecosystem services (Prof L Maltby, Dr P Warren, Dr T Webb, Dr J R Leake)

Evolution and Behaviour

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  • Genetics (Prof R Butlin, Dr J Slate, Dr M Robinson, Dr S Martin, Dr C Osborne, Dr G Fraser, Dr A P Beckerman)
  • Animal behaviour (Prof T Birkhead, Prof B Hatchwell, Dr P Watt, Dr R Snook, Prof M Siva-Jothy)
  • Speciation (Prof R Butlin, Dr R Snook)
  • Behavioural ecology (Prof T Birkhead, Prof B Hatchwell, Prof T Burke, Dr V Lummaa, Prof M Siva-Jothy, Dr P Watt)
  • Social insects / apiculture (Dr S Martin)
  • Disease ecology (Dr J Rolff, Prof M Siva-Jothy)
  • Life-history evolution (Dr V Lummaa, Dr M Robinson, Dr A P Beckerman)
  • Reproductive ecology (Prof T Birkhead, Dr V Lummaa, Dr M Robinson, Prof M Siva-Jothy, Dr R Snook, Dr P Watt)
  • Immunity and resistance evolution (Dr J Rolff, Prof M Siva-Jothy, Prof M Boots)
  • Evolutionary developmental Biology (Dr G Fraser, Dr C Osborne)
  • Comparative method (Prof R Freckleton)

Plant and Microbial Biology

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  • Crop production and protection (Prof M Burrell, Prof A Fleming, Prof R Leegood, Prof WPQuick, Dr S Rolfe, Prof J Scholes)
  • Sustainable agriculture and food security (All members)
  • Mycorrhiza (Prof D Read, Dr J Leake, Dr D Cameron)
  • Biofuels (Prof A Fleming)
  • Plant pathogens (Dr S Rolfe, Prof J Scholes)
  • Plant development (Prof I Woodward, Prof W P Quicke, Prof A Fleming)
  • Nutrient cycling (Prof M Burrell, Dr P Franks, Dr J Leake, Prof R Leegood, Prof A Fleming, Dr G Phoenix)
  • Plant developmental genetics (Prof A Fleming)

Other areas of expertise

  • Palynology in biostratigraphy and oil exploration (Dr C Wellman)
  • Entomology (Prof R Butlin, Prof M Siva-Jothy, Dr R Snook)
  • Ornithology (Prof T Birkhead, Prof T Burke, Prof B Hatchwell, Dr K Evans)
  • Ichthyology (Dr G Fraser, Dr P Watt)
  • Freshwater biology (Dr A P Beckerman, Dr P Warren, Prof L Maltby)
  • Parasitic plants (Prof J Scholes, Dr D Cameron)
  • Fungal biology (Dr J Leake, Dr D Cameron)
  • Rice biology (Prof W P Quick)