Prue Chiles
  • Peak Park house, PCA
    Peak Park house, PCA
  • Classrooms for the Future, PCA
    Classrooms for the Future, PCA
  • Re-working the English Bowling Pavilion, PCA
    Re-working the English Bowling Pavilion, PCA
  • Learning from the building – Earlham School, Forest Gate. PCA
    Learning from the building – Earlham School, Forest Gate. PCA
  • House and home, PCA
    House and home, PCA
  • Living in space, PCA
    Living in space, PCA
  • Details of living: inhabiting space, PCA
    Details of living: inhabiting space
  • Cabinet of Curiosities : Field Diaries
    Cabinet of Curiosities : Field Diaries
  • At Home entrance: Inhabiting Space Exhibition
    At Homefront entrance: Inhabiting Space Exhibition
  • Studio 3: Eco-Town
    Studio 3: Eco-Town
  • Studio 3: The Coalfields
    Studio 3: The Coalfields
  • Live project: building at Eccleshall Woods
    Live project: building at Eccleshall Woods
  • Bdr - community visioning
    Bdr - community visioning


At the base of all my work is an understanding that placing people in the centre of architectural design and developing a strategic view of sustainability in its widest sense, is critical in any creative project. After qualifying as an architect I spent 2 years on a Rome Scholarship, studying the Early Renaissance. The next 5 years were spent in architectural practices in London, (Richard Reid and Rivington Street Studio), the US (KRJDA Roche Dinkaloo) and New Zealand (Lane Priest). I joined Sheffield as a lecturer in 1992 committing myself to the university , the city and the region. In 2002 I set up Bureau-design+research (Bdr), a unique research based consultancy/project office, designed to raise the profile of architectural design in the building process. Our team mission is to reach out with ideas and processes that are relevant to people. Aligned with this I started a small, now award winning architectural practice, Prue Chiles Architects (1999-) to pursue research through design. In both we have formed partnerships and collaborations and risen to the challenge of remaining innovative as a small enterprise; taking the lead from our clients and their projects as one of the sites for our research.

Teaching Activities

For many years I have taught a Studio in the MArch, Studio 3, where I remain committed to teaching and consider it a privilege to teach the next generation of architects. The studio is a site where we explore the big relevant themes of today - post-industrial regeneration, the design of learning environments, eco-towns, neighbourhoods, new paradigms for living, working and new industry. We work from regional to detail scale using I still hold to the idea that an architectural education needs to re-inforce and uphold visual qualities of aesthetics and beauty in order to improve the quality of the environment today and in the future.

I mentor Live Projects after initiating and co-ordinating the Live project programme and am preparing a book, LIVE on the wider significance and long-term teaching impact of the Live projects.

I supervise both standard route and PhD by design theses in humanities and social science arenas, focusing on the practice and processes of responsible architecture and sustainability.

I also remain committed to teaching humanities (ARC 203/253) and have pioneered one of the first and now second year history courses that place architecture in the context of culture, civilisation and the history of ideas. I also really enjoy tutoring dissertations at all levels.

Teaching Accolades:
Invited Judge for the prestigious Annie Spink Teaching Award 2010
Student Prizes: RIBA Silver Medal nominations and prizes 2004, 2006
Joint First prize - International Architectural Design Workshop ARTandCITY Festival October 2010 at HafenCity, Hamburg

Other Teaching Activities:
Teaching workshops and master-classes for CABE (Commission for the Built Environment) – on community-led design and “building schools for the future” (2007-9)

I have developed and delivered courses enabling communities to be more involved in the design process - for Glasshouse and for the Academy of Community Learning (ACL) (2006-2009)

Design and delivery of 3-day intensive “buildings by design” course for the Senior Management Team of Blackburne House, Liverpool, with Sense of Place (2006)

Many outreach teaching activities in schools in Wakefield BSF, Sheffield, Mansfield and London (2000 – ongoing)

Administrative Roles

I have been instrumental in developing research through design in the school of architecture. This is also important in my teaching at all levels and administration and professional roles; exemplified in the role of Director of Architecture (2008-2010) and in the refurbishment of the Arts Tower and now as director of the PhD by design programme.

Director of PhD by Design 2011-
Director of Bureau-Design+Research 2001 – 2011 (now exec. Director)
Member of the University Cultural Engagement Group 2011-
Director of Architecture (2009-2011)
User/Client and Project Executive group for the Refurbishment of the Arts Tower (2007-2011)

Research Interests

Innovative practice in Architecture; testing out theoretical ideas through research and consultancy.

Research through design - All areas of my research are driven by an ethos that seeks to strengthen connections between people and design and on the reciprocal relationships between people, place, teaching, learning, creativity and architectural design.

Developing research themes and testing them through designed and built school work has been a major research output. However, I am now conducting research into domestic space through a number of our own built projects; investigating the relationship between builder, client and architect and the value the architect can add to this process. Also, the relationship the client and builder has with the drawings produced and the wider understanding of the line in sharing information with clients and builders. This has been supported by in the inter-faculty research group Materialising Culture and the recent Inhabiting Space

Over the past ten years the two mechanisms for this have been:
1. The Bureau-Design+Research (Bdr)
The Bureau of Design Research carries out a variety of research, research consultancy and consultancy projects and has built up a reputation for innovation and expertise in 3 areas
a. The design of learning environments: Major funded projects include :
Primary Ideas - a “toolkit” for Primary Schools, funded and published by the DfES. Looking at creative and sustainable ways to carry out small design and building projects in Primary Schools and involving pupils in the process of design.. Consultancy for Barnsley BSF school buildings programme - funded by Creative partnerships working with head teachers to give them the skills to play a greater role in the commissioning and design of new advanced learning centres in Barnsley. This has become one of the flagship local Authorities for the most successful new schools. We published Re-designing Learning on this process and it is also being showcased in the School design book to be published in three languages by Birkhauser.

Identifying themes in building schools for the future; key to developing new educational paradigms for designing better schools. 3 major research consultancy reports commissioned by Carillion and Balfour Beatty have allowed us to develop our research into school design. ‘Imagine’ - A data-base and matrix of best practice in European/World wide school buildings, commissioned by Balfour Beatty and Partnerships for Schools.

A Mathematical structure/outdoor classroom we have designed with GCSE maths students called Mission Addition won in competition and funded by Creative partnerships, is now built and the students have been involved throughout the whole process and a manual on the structure is now part of the curriculum.

b. Inclusive and Community-led design
Major projects include -Community visioning in Canklow and West Central Rotherham. A long-term project (2004-2008) project beginning with the development of a community and neighbourhood vision, then the distillation of two projects. Working with the local steering group and residents, this has allowed us to develop new ways of implementing community regeneration. Published by CABE as exemplar case study.

Working with the Southey and Owlerton Regeneration Board in Sheffield to develop Neighbourhood strategies for the Regeneration Framework for the area from 2000-2005, developing a positive identity for the transformation of the area and looked at new ways of communicating this to the “outside world”. (Recipient of The Guardian regeneration award, 2003) published by CABE exemplar case study. Bdr also won a commission to develop a consensual vision for Parkwood Springs, a vast, largely redundant post-industrial area in Sheffield; developing imaginative strategies for its regeneration through partnership and inclusion. We developed new methods of community participation devised through drawing, model-making and jigsaw plans, enabling the design of more successful inclusive community space.

c. New and sustainable futures
Research in this area to develop new processes that can transform emerging technology into successful products. Successful funded research projects include a feasibility study for a future Sustainable Growth Industrial Park in Castleford building on an idea by Urban Mines. I collaborated with an RIBA futures project on the future of Universities and contributed to the resulting publication.
Most recently a new EPSRC funded project of which I am a key Co-I on an interdisciplinary UoS project on the use and development of PV’s “The key aspect from the social interactive point of view is that the project will develop a methodology to enable the assessment of impact of new and emerging technologies on relevant parts of society”

2. Prue Chiles Architects (PCA) (1999 - )
Prue Chiles Architects has enabled a small team – Prue Chiles Howard Evans, Leo Care and Claire Kemp) to develop research and bring ideas to fruition in built work.

The “Classroom of the Future” project and the realization from conception to completed building of two classrooms has lead to a major interest in education buildings and this has been re-inforced by two commissions from the DfES; Two further commissions to design a foundation stage centre at a Sheffield Primary School and a Children’s Centre for Paces, a charity for Children with Cerebral Palsy allowed exploration into creative narratives in the design of. A recent commission for eco-toilets and other renovations of Earlham Primary School in Forest Gate, London was completed in 2010.

Hillsborough Pavilion, which was won in an invited competition, was funded by Sport England and was used as an exemplar by them. It was recipient of an RIBA bronze medal and explores the re-interpretation of the English sports pavilion.

An RIBA award (2008) for my own house and an RIBA gold medal (2011) for a house in Stockport are testament to the innovation of our domestic architecture. Three built domestic projects in the Peak district A house in Bamford, a house extension and renovation of a 2 *listed house in Bakewell and a cottage transformation outside Bakewell have led to developing a new typology for contemporary domestic architecture in the Peak National Park, particularly looking at recent domestic architecture that has suburbanized the Park. Introducing local, natural materials used in both traditional and new ways, re-looking at the old typologies and investigating new spatial narratives.

Grants, Awards & Consultancy

Architectural Awards
RIBA White Rose Bronze award for

Research Grants
1 Awarded AHRC Collaborative PhD Studentship. Interdisciplinary award with Glass-House 2011-2014 (£50,000)
2. Photovoltaics for Future Societies (2011-2015 ) I am co –investigator in a four year interdisciplinary project working across disciplinary boundaries and with communities in South Yorkshire and in Bangladesh to develop new insights for the development and implementation of novel sustainable technologies. PI. Alistair Buckley (Physics), Co-I’s Nicky Gregson, (Geography), Durham, Prue Chiles (Architecture) Lisa Hall, David Lidsey (Physics), Matt Watson (Geography) Funded by EPSRC (£1.2 million)
3. Inhabiting Space (April 2011) An Exhibition exploring Co- organised with Susie Reid (Russian) Kate Pahl (Education), Funded by HEIF (£10,000)
4. A new school prototype for displaced children in the border territories between Afganistan and Northern Pakistan. (2010) In collaboration with the University of Mardan, Northern Pakistan and Sheffield teacher Ramon Mohamed Funded by UoS Knowledge Transfer Award. (£5,000) ( with BDR
5. Imagine - School Design (2008-2010) PI Prue Chiles Co-I’S. Leo Care, Howard Evans ( Jointly funded by Balfour Beatty and Partnerships for Schools with BDR, £45,000
6. CurioUS, A Cabinet of Curiosities (April/May 2010) Faculty Arts and Humanities - exhibition in the Moor, Sheffield with Materializing Culture interdisciplinary/interfaculty group. With S.Reid and K.Pahl and funded by UoS, £950
7. Key Themes in Contemporary School Design (2005) funded by Carillion Plc £8,500
8. Sustainable Timber Exchange STX project, UoS Knowledge Transfer Grant (UoS )- PI Prue Chiles £5,560
9. Future strategic plan for a Sustainable Industrial Estate, Wheldale North industrial Estate (2005) for Urban Mines £6,050
10. European Best Practice in School Design (2006) PI Prue Chiles Co-I’s Leo Care and Howard Evans funded by Balfour Beatty, £17,000
11."Four Spaces project", the design of four pocket parks, working with the local community. 200 Funded by Hattersley Development Trust, collaborating with Eventus, £8,000
12. Primary Ideas, a Toolkit for Schools Co-written with Leo Care, funded by the DfES, £16,500
13. Communication Techniques for Architects 2002 -dvd interviews with architects and clients funded by UoS Curriculum Policy Development grant, £9,750
14. "Escape in the City" - creative report, (March 2001) with an Arts Council grant, £1,500
15. "On the Move, Living in the City", exhibition re-imagining living in the post-industrial city. (March 2000) AHRB creative grant. £5,000
16. The Butrint Foundation – Butrint, Albania Archaeology and Heritage Management project. 1993-2000 (My role was to measure and interpret the Byzantine Baptistery, and produce a heritage management feasibility study for the local town Saranda.) PI Prof. Richard Hodges (UEA) C-I’s Prue Chiles, (Sheffield). Sally Martin, (UEA) Will Bowden (UEA) Oliver Gilkes (UEA) John Moreland (Sheffield) Funded by the British Academy £1million +_
17. The CUDE project – clients and users in design education (1995-1998) PI. Bryan Lawson, Co-I John Worthington, Simon Pilling, Prue Chiles, Rosie Parnell , Funded by HEFCE, £250,000

Selected Research Consultancy Grants (grants under £3,000 not included):
We have completed over 50 funded projects completed 2002-2011 with a total consultancy research grant/fee in excess of £250,000
1. A Mathematical Structure/Outdoor Classroom for All Saints School, Mansfield; working with GCSE Maths students and teachers, and linking with the maths curriculum. (2009-2011) Won in competition, sponsored by Creative Partnerships (£9.500 plus 20,000 to build the structure) The project is now complete.
2. A Study on Faith Schools (2009) funded by Balfour Beatty Plc., £7,500
3. Feasibility and Masterplan to develop an innovative new use for the Old Sawmill Site in Eccleshall Woods, Sheffield, promoting the use of local timber. (2008) Won in competition, funded by Sheffield City Council, £32,000
4. Re-designing Barnsley Schools working with Headteachers and school children (2006-2007) in partnership with Design Centre North and Barnsley Education A nute papers)

Invited member of RIBA Premises Committee – ongoing ( We are the client body looking at the future of the profession’s premises and estate - so it represents the profession and the highest quality of Architecture. We have carried out 4 small projects to make the Headquarters of the RIBA more relevant, useful and designerly. We are now advising on a new building)

Judge on RIBA Yorkshire White Rose Awards

Yorkshire Regional Design Review Panel - ongoing

Invited member of Sheffield Design and Sustainability Panel - ongoing

Core member of the Material Culture Research group at the University of Sheffield.

Barnsley Schools for the Future Design Panel - ongoing

Invited member of Wakefield Design Panel (2008-2011)

Judge on RIBA Building Awards Yorkshire Medal

Invited member of the Central Government, DfES Primary Schools Capital Programme – at - Design & Procurement Advisory Group (2007-2008)

Member of the Society of Architectural Historians - ongoing

Selection Committee for Rome Scholarships (1993-99)

Member of the Society of Rome Scholars - ongoing


2007-2010 Advisor to Radio 4 on Building Schools for the Future

July 2010 Invited on Radio 4 PM programme

2005 Interview on Calender News on the City Centre Regeneration

2000- Regular invited Conversant on Radio Sheffield

1994 Interview on The Late Show, BBC 2, 14 November

Referee for book proposals and journal articles - Periodic referee for Architectural Research Quarterly ARQ and Routledge Architecture books.

Invited lectures, plenaries and keynotes
“Working with Glass-House” Invited speaker at AHRC Connected Communities summit, Newcastle

Keynote at staff symposium on research by design and the work of the Bdr at the University of Portsmouth.

Invited plenary speaker SOAS conference, Sheffield University

‘Participation and community-led regeneration’, Invited lecture Futurescape 2010, Sackler Centre, V &A, London, sponsored by Architecture Centres Network, CABE Arts Council, Sustainable Communities Excellence Network.

“Tactics for designing schools” Invited talk to School Works – high profile practice symposium on School design organised by Sergison Bates Architects and the London Borough of Islington held at the German Gymnasium, St Pancras, London.

Invited lecture at introductory session for Oxford Brookes University Postgraduate students on ‘Live and student led projects, and research by design’.

Sheffield labour party MP briefing– Meg Munns - asked by the RIBA Yorkshire region to brief on the success of architectural regeneration in Sheffield and our work in BDR

“Transforming our Schools” - talk at Universitas 21, Department of Education, Nottingham University

Invited to talk to the North Wales Society of Architects of Wales on the work of Prue Chiles Architects and in particular Hillsborough Pavilion.

“Canklow - the slow process of community led regeneration” - invited presentation at Lancashire regeneration conference, Digging Deeper (with Leo Care).

Invited debate and banquet participant (representing Architecture) – “Noguchi art or design”, Yorkshire Sculpture Park and St John’s University York.

Invited contributor Arts Council “Conditions /of Creativity” Leeds Metropolitan University

Invited talk to teachers “Tools of the Trade” BEAM public realm learning, Wakefield.

“Design and Practice based research and the work of the BDR” Lecture on to staff at the University of Birmingham, School of Architecture.

“BDR and research by design”, Invited Research talk on University of Manchester

“the work of BDR and Prue Chiles Architects “Invited evening public lecture, Queens University Belfast

Invited plenary participant in Public debate on the role of participation in public art for Public Arts, Midlands Arts in Nottingham.

“Green Homes- Made for Sheffield” - Urban Design Week, Sheffield

‘Schools for the future - process and product’ Invited lecture on for PLACE -The Architecture and the Built Environment Centre for Northern Ireland

“Building our Childrens’ Futures: Best Practice in School Design” Millennium Court Arts Centre, Portadown, Northern Ireland. Chaired by Shane O’Toole.

Invited speaker CABE Design South Yorkshire one-day event at on community-led regeneration projects carried out by the Bdr.

Invited participant and speaker in International workshop Shifts at Lighthouse Architecture Centre, Glasgow - funded by the Scotland Government Office
Invited talk and workshop at Supertanker’s Urban Think Tank, Copenhagen.

“Live Projects and the work of Bdr” Invited seminar - Architectural Association, London

“A New Future for the Coalfields” Invited before dinner speaker, for the national regeneration agency English Partnerships and Millennium Communities Practitioners Network MCPM, Thorpe Park, Leeds.

“The work of the Bdr and Live Projects” Public evening lecture at London Metropolitain University, Faculty of the Built Environment

“The context of a projects office: University versus practice” Lecture on at the International Project Office Conference, London Metropolitain University

“2 years on, how effective was the SOAR regeneration Framework document” invited talk, SOAR symposium, Sheffield

“Re-imagining the Coalfields “ invited presentation of Studio 3 for English Partnerships (national regeneration agency) and CABE (the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment) and for regional development heads, Derby.

“Ballifield School “ invited presentation on design as part of DfES Classroom of the Future Initiative for the RIBA Midlands, National Space Centre, Leicester.

“The Four Sheffield Classroom of the Future Schemes “ invited lecture on, RIBA, School Design Symposium. London

“on Ballifield School “ invited presentation design as part of DfES Classroom of the Future initiative. Millennium Gallery, Sheffield

“Re-imagining the City”, invited lecture in Feminism and Women Architects, organised by Sheffield City Council, Millennium Gallery, Sheffield

“Creativity in the City”, invited lecture, at Women in Architecture - Millennium Gallery, Sheffield – organised by Sheffield City Council

I am currently an External Examiner at the department of Architecture XJTLU, Suzhou, China University of Liverpool (BA(Hons) and MArch), Dundee (MArch) The Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) with University of East London - new Professional, Sustainable Diploma course. London Metropolitian University Ba(Hons) Cardiff BA(Hons), South Bank (BA (Hons)) Kingston (Diploma)


Chiles, P. Ed. (2011) School Building: Key Issues for Contemporary School Design –
Birkhauser, 2012 Forthcoming

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participation in Barnsley Building Schools for the Future” BDR publications for Barnsley Borough Council. ISBN

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Conference Papers
Chiles, P. Latimer, S. Petrelli, S. (2011) “ Faulty Tower’? Beauty contests and Workplace - redesign at the School of Architecture” Paper for the Gotenburg, Aesthetics of Management International Conference, ( June 2011)

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Recent Teaching Publications :
Chiles, P(2011) “Architecture, Internationalisation and intercultural expectation” in
"Intercultural Interaction, Engaging in Architectural Education" ed. ASD for CEBE (Centre for Education in the Built Environment)

Care, L., Chiles, P., Petrescu, D (2011) “Live Projects abroad, building networks for internationalisation” in "Intercultural Interaction, Engaging in Architectural Education"ed. ASD for CEBE (Centre for Education in the Built Environment)

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Design and project work featured/cited by others:
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publication funded by the DfES (Open house is an architecture education organization committed to raising the standard of architecture and design through dialogue , learning and direct experience of excellent spaces and places.)

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Inhabiting Space Key organisor and contributor of HEIF funded “exhibition in Jessops West exploring how we can visualize our research on domestic space. See The project raises questions about how people in different cultural and geographical contexts inhabit space; in particular, how do they make themselves at home in spaces that are anonymous, standard, built by or for someone else? Curated by Human, April 2011

A Cabinet of Curiosities Curio-US Exhibition, Sheffield
Key organisor, designer /curator and contributor pilot exhibition took place as part of the 'Curious' festival organised by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Six researchers presented images and objects from our research in a glass kiosk on the Moor in central Sheffield. May 2010

Sheffield Showroom Festival Centre Entries Exhibited shortlisted RIBA architectural competition scheme, PCA, at the Showroom, Sheffield, June 2007

Bathing Beauties - exhibited shortlisted entry in International competition to re: think the idea of the Beach Huts, Lincolnshire, 2007

Exhibition on the School design work of Prue Chiles Architects at BEAM (Yorkshire region’s Art and Architecture Centre) 2007

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Exhibited Competition Entry for the National Centre for Popular Music at the Royal Institute of British Architects, (RIBA) London. 1996

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