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Wind farm (Siemens Press Picture)
WInd farm (Siemens Press Picture)windfarm-4x5

Siemens partnership

A sustainable energy supply for the future

We’re proud to be one of Siemens UK’s principal partners. The Sheffield Siemens Wind Power Centre is developing technologies that are vital to future developments in electrical power engineering.

Innovative solutions for global challenges
Water pipes illustration

Industrial partnership

Innovation in the water industry

We’re working with industry partners to investigate how Britain’s ageing water infrastructure can deliver sustainable supplies.

Water research
Graphic of brain

City project

Educating the next generation on dementia

Our researchers are working with schools and local authorities to raise awareness of dementia.

Dementia education

Our partnership with Boeing

Supporting ambition and enterprise with Santander

Research partnerships

A low carbon future for the UK

Our researchers are charting a course towards a low carbon future through innovative collaborations with Rolls-Royce, Siemens and Nissan.

Developing new technologies
Wind turbines graphic

International Faculty

Overseas students study for a top-class British degree in South East and Eastern Europe.

University alliances

We have well-established partnerships with other universities.

Sheffield International College

World-class courses to get international students ready for a degree at Sheffield.