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An interdisciplinary water research centre, dedicated to continuing the University of Sheffield's highly collaborative and innovative approach to solving major challenges in the water sector.

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Around the world, water resources are already under pressure. Innovative approaches are needed to manage the challenges of ageing infrastrucure, climate change, increasing population and increasingly demanding customers. The water sector must also manage sustainability challenges such as rising resource costs, attracting investment and skills shortages.

Infrastructure Film

Our infrastructure expertise

To ensure that we can thrive within the capacity of the planet we need resilient, high performing infrastructure. Professor Joby Boxall and Dr Vanessa Speight from Sheffield Water Centre talk about their unique water research capabilities alongside the other key themes of energy, transport and the built environment.

Thought Leadership Clubs

Workshops with key strategic thinkers and innovators are held to develop and participate in a research programme for innovation in the water sector. Upcoming event: 7th July, Mappin Hall


Credibility: Water research groups

Discover our world class research expertise, from the long established Pennine water Group to more recently formed groups tackling carbon footprints and supply chain management.


Capability: Water research projects

Explore our capabilities in leveraging funding to deliver fundamental science through to successfully applied research in every day use.


Capability: Facilities

Our large-scale water engineering facilities exceed £3m in value, providing access to independent testing, validation and demonstration services. Internationally unique they have real-time monitoring, temperature and computer control, and access some of the most powerful microscopes in the world.

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