The University of Sheffield

Physics & Astronomy

PHYU01 Physics (BSc)
PHYU02 Physics (MPhys)
PHYU04 Theoretical Physics (BSc)
PHYU05 Physics with Medical Physics (BSc)
PHYU06 Physics and Astrophysics (BSc)
PHYU10 Physics with Medical Physics (MPhys)
PHYU11 Physics and Astrophysics (MPhys)
PHYU12 Physics with Mathematics (MPhys)
PHYU14 Physics and Philosophy (BSc)
PHYU16 Theoretical Physics (MPhys)
PHYU18 Physics with Computer Science (BSc)
PHYU19 Physics with Computer Science (MPhys)
PHYU23 Physics with Study in North America (MPhys)
PHYU24 Physics with Study in Australasia (MPhys)
PHYU25 Physics and Astrophysics with Study Abroad (MPhys)

PHYT01 Nanoscale Science and Technology (MSc)
PHYT02 Nanoscale Science and Technology (Pg Dip)
PHYT07 Nanoelectronics and Mechanics (MSc)
PHYT90 Nanoscale Science and Technology (Joint prog with Uni of Leeds)(with Integrated Studies)(MSc)
PHYT97 Bionanotechnology (Joint programme with the University of Leeds) (Integrated Studies) (MSc)
PHYT98 Nanomaterials for Nanoengineering (Jnt programme with University of Leeds) (Int. Studs) (MSc)
PHYT99 Nanoelectronics and Nanomechanics (Joint programme with University of Leeds)(Int.Studs)(MSc)