Develop your employability

When organisations recruit new staff, they look for the skills and personal qualities the job requires. They then look for evidence of these skills during the application and interview process. To provide this evidence, you will need to understand the skills you possess and where you might have used them before. This could be in your studies, in any work experience and in your life generally.

It’s also useful to add to your skills whilst still at University which provides you with many opportunities to develop and enhance your existing ones. These include specific academic skills and knowledge related to your degree as well as generic skills such as communication, decision-making, and analytical thinking. You can develop more skills through extracurricular activities such as volunteering, sports, or being an active member of a student society, making you even more attractive to employers.

Explore the options below to develop and reflect on your skills.

ArrowDiscover your skills

Not sure how to sell yourself effectively? This short interactive module will help you identify your skills and provide evidence of them. University log in required.


The Sheffield Graduate Award

The prestigious Sheffield Graduate Award recognises achievements and extra-curricular activities.

CMSCareer Management Skills module

A 20 credit free elective module for Level 2 students developing skills to implement effective career decisions.

Taste of Work

Taste of Work

No work experience? Spice up your CV with a work taster in a University or Union department.


University of Sheffield Enterprise

Helping you to develop your ideas whether it’s raising money for a society or setting up a business. 


A development support programme for women, offering workshops covering: assertiveness, dealing with change, time management and more. 


301 student skills and development

301 offers a flexible space with a range of services and activities to support your skills and development.


Experience US

Access hundreds of opportunities to make your university experience unforgettable.