Getting started

Of course it all depends on where your starting point is. Many students and recent graduates have a clear idea of their next step after University, others do not.

Even if you have studied a subject that links to a particular career, you will still have a range of options to choose from.


Plan of action

There is no single way to approach career planning as everyone makes decisions in different ways. Your career planning may be influenced by:

  • what you are good at, what you enjoy and what you want from your work.
  • whether or not you want to use your degree subject.
  •  the kinds of jobs and study options open to you.
  • your personal circumstances, for example, your preferred location, qualifications, income requirements and work-life balance.

Try the following:

Prospects - What jobs would suit me?

Search the Prospects graduate careers website, which will match your skills and interests to potential occupations. 

You could also download a copy of  'See the bigger picture' available below, for a simple outline of how to progress your career ideas.

Profiling for success | Get the access codes

Make use of 'Profiling for Success', an online assessment package provided by the Careers Service for University of Sheffield students and graduates. It includes three personality type indicators to help you understand yourself.

Add your username and password to get the access codes. If you are a recent graduate, call into the Careers Service or email us at:

Your Options

You will need to research the various careers that interest you in order to assess their suitability and understand the different entry routes. Make use of our website, in particular:

Need further help?

Visit the Careers Service at 388 Glossop Road, next to the Students' Union and ask us for help if you are stuck, struggling or feel that you have lost your way. Choosing what to do next is an important and sometimes difficult decision and it can help to talk to people who are impartial and objective.

We offer booked appointments with a Careers Adviser at various times of the year. Call us on 0114 2220910 to find out more.

Email enquiry service

If you are a student or recent graduate from the University of Sheffield who finds it difficult to visit the Careers Service, contact us via our Email enquiry service.

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