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Each year, about a fifth of those graduating from the University of Sheffield go on to some form of postgraduate study. This figure includes those undertaking 'vocational' courses in areas such as teaching, law and nursing as well as those studying for a Master's degree or a PhD.

For the vast majority of postgraduate courses and research programmes there is no centralised application system; you simply apply direct to the institution concerned. In most cases, there will be no fixed closing date, but you need to check this with the institution. Generally speaking, it is advisable to apply nine to twelve months before the intended starting date, especially as this may improve your chances of obtaining funding.

Get started - find the right postgraduate degree

Steps to Postgraduate Study - HEFCE

A guide to asking the right questions about taught postgraduate study in the UK

Postgraduate courses | Postgrad.com

These databases lists courses and research opportunities by subject area and also include information on funding sources

FindAMasters.com | FindAPhD.com

Looking for a masters or PhD? These sites have a worldwide course database and include comprehensive funding advice.


This website allows you to compare and review universities and their subjects based on the university and college's satisfaction scores in the National Student Survey, jobs and salaries after study and other key information

Interested in - law | teaching | medicine and dentistry

If you are interested in law you will need to apply through a central clearing house and in most cases there will be a fixed closing date for applications. Teaching, medicine and dentistry require you to apply through UCAS.

How to get funding

The funding system for postgraduate study can be very complex but you can seek guidance from the Careers Service if you need it.

Sheffield Postgraduate Scholarships

There are 100 scholarships available for 2016-17 (worth up to £10,000)

Postgraduate Masters Loans

Loans of up to £10,000 are available to students studying eligible Masters courses from September 2016.

Student cash point

Designed to help students find the funding to cover the costs of going to college and university. It's a comprehensive source of information on student grants, loans, bursaries, scholarships and awards.

Postgraduate funding (Prospects) | Research Councils UK | UoS research funding opportunities

Explore your funding options including bursaries, scholarships and Research Council grants.

Career development loans

Find out about deferred repayment bank loans to help pay for vocational education and training.

Turn to us

Turn2us is a charity that helps people in financial need to access charitable grants and other financial help.

Alumni fund scholarships

Funded entirely by generous individual donations from alumni (former students) of the University, current and former staff, parents and friends.


International students can find information on funding providers.

Ask a Masters Scheme

Helping students decide if postgraduate study is the right choice for them

It can sometimes be difficult to get honest and impartial advice on postgraduate study. Often the best people to ask are those who are currently experiencing it themselves!

ask a masters

How does the scheme work?

Ask a Masters offers you the opportunity to speak to someone on a particular taught postgraduate course and ask them whatever you want about it. The minimum interaction is one email exchange (which you initiate), but there’s also the option to meet up in person and stay in contact for longer. It’s completely up to you and your postgrad mentor. The scheme runs twice a year – once in the autumn and again in the spring.

How are students matched?

You’ll be asked to say which taught postgraduate courses you’re interested in when you register. We will then send you a list of possible mentors for you to choose from. Last year, we were able to find an exact match for 94% of students. It may take slightly longer for smaller courses, and if we don’t have any mentors on your preferred course we’ll try to find someone on a very similar one.

How do I sign up?

The spring scheme is open to all current students. Unfortunately we can't match Sheffield graduates or students from other universities.

We welcome postgraduate mentors from any course – the greater the diversity the better!

Postgraduate registration

Please register if you are a postgraduate who is interested in supporting an undergraduate thinking of applying for further study

Undergraduate registration

Please register if you are thinking of applying for postgraduate study and you would like to find out more from an existing postgraduate.

What students have said

“Great scheme and I would highly recommend. It’s very useful to talk to someone who has gone through the same decision-making process as you. Being able to talk to someone who will be very honest about the course you are looking to do can give you a great insight and provide you with advice and information about things you hadn’t even considered.” Undergrad student

“It’s particularly helpful to talk to an actual student who is studying (the course). You get a better understanding than from simply reading the course structures online. It’s important to know that the course is something you’ll enjoy and you get a better knowledge of this from talking to someone who is actually doing it.” Undergrad student

“I didn't have this support when I was thinking about applying for my Master’s. I think it's important that potential students are told about the realities of a Master’s degree - something that isn't quite achieved by the shiny prospectus. I think current postgrads can at the very least give that perspective and can act as a useful tool for bouncing ideas off to help undergraduates decide on their future.” Postgrad mentor


If you have any questions, please contact the scheme coordinator, Sarah Bows at s.bows@sheffield.ac.uk

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