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Prof. Steven Banwart

Steve Banwart

Professor of Environmental Engineering Science, and
Director of The Kroto Research Institute

Kroto Research Institute
North Campus
University of Sheffield
Broad Lane
Sheffield S3 7HQ

Telephone: +44 (0) 114 222 5742     

Personal Assistant: Debbie Hill
Tel: +44 (0) 114 222 5707


PhD Natural Environmental Sciences, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology – Zurich; MSc Environmental Engineering, U. of Iowa (USA); BSc Civil Engineering, U. of Iowa (USA)


Prof Steven Banwart is an international leader in the study of reactive processes in soil and groundwater. He leads the U of Sheffield Cell-Mineral Research Centre (C-MRC) across 6 departments, leads the SCOPE international Rapid Assessment Process project on Benefits of Soil Carbon, is Principal Investigator of the European Commission FP7 Large Integrating Project Soil Transformations in European Catchments (SoilTrEC), is co-I on the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Programme Grant on Mineral-Bio Interfaces and led the recently completed UK Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Large Grant on Biological Weathering from Nano-metre to Soil Profile Scale.

He chairs the steering committee of the NERC Facility for Environmental Nanomaterials Analysis and Characterisation (FENAC) and is past Secretary of the European Association of Geochemistry.

The University of Sheffield Cell-Mineral Research Centre holds a grant portfolio of over £8.3M tackling basic and applied research at the interface between pure sciences, engineering application and environmental policy. Research is from molecular to global scale, with core themes of Biodegradation on Mineral Surfaces, Global Soil Sustainability and Land Use, Synthetic Biology in environmental applications and reactions and transport of Radionuclides in the Environment.

Activities and Distinctions



Selected Publications


  • Bridge J, Banwart SA, Dobson P, Hooper T, Evans T, Shand C, Stewart D, Tibbett M & McGrath S (2013) Securing Soils for Sustainable Agriculture – a Science Led Strategy. London: Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC).
  • Banwart SA, Chorover J, Gaillardet J, Sparks D, White T, Anderson S, Aufdenkampe A, Bernasconi S, Brantley SL, Chadwick O, Dietrich WE, Duffy C, Goldhaber M, Lehnert K, Nikolaidis NP & Ragnarsdottir KV (2013) Sustaining Earth’s Critical Zone Basic Science and Interdisciplinary Solutions for Global Challenges. Sheffield, United Kingdom: The University of Sheffield.

Journal articles


  • Victoria R, Banwart SA, Black H, Ingram H, Joosten H, Milne E & Noellemeyer E (2012) The benefits of soil carbon. In Nations U & Program UNE (Ed.), UNEP Yearbook 2012: Emerging Issues in Our Global Environment (pp. 19-33). United Nations Publications.