Mission of the Catchment Science Centre

The Catchment Science Centre (CSC) aims to conduct novel science to underpin the sustainable management of catchments to deliver good ecological quality in surface waters.

Sustainability requires a balance to be found between the competing demands made of freshwater, recognising that streams and rivers require sufficient water of good quality if they are to continue to provide essential ecosystem services. Achieving sustainability will involve fundamental changes in the fields of river research and management, moving towards the vision of river catchments as integrated social-ecological systems.

About the Catchment Science Centre

The CSC is a collaborative research initiative, established jointly by The University of Sheffield and the Environment Agency. It draws on expertise from across multiple academic departments at Sheffield, and has strong links with national and international academic and non-academic partners. The CSC is a key element in the delivery of the Environment Agency's Integrated Catchment Science programme.

URSULA Conference 2010

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