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Centre for the Study of Children, Families and Learning Communities


The Centre for the Study of Children, Families and Learning Communities is committed to research which understands and supports the development of the lives and learning of children, parents and practitioners through inclusive, participatory and emancipatory methodologies. The Centre comprises many academics and practitioners who believe in the value of research which is theoretically and ethically sound and which engages with the needs of both participants and research users.

The Centre comprises two research Groups, Early Childhood Education and Educational Psychology. The Educational Psychology Group has for many years had a distinctive focus on issues connected to social justice and the voice of those who are marginalized, for example, vulnerable children, children with additional needs, or those who can otherwise be disadvantaged. The work of the Early Childhood Education Group is concerned with all aspects of young childrenĀ“s lives and learning from birth to eight years of age.


Professor Tom Billington, Centre Director

Dr Pat Bennett

Dr Lorraine Campbell

Professor Peter Clough

Professor Dan Goodley

Dr Martin Hughes

Dr Rachael Levy

Professor Cathy Nutbrown

Dr Jools Page

Dr Kathryn Pomerantz

Dr Anthony Williams

Professor Elizabeth Wood