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Face Database

The Sheffield (previously UMIST) Face Database consists of 564 images of 20 individuals (mixed race/gender/appearance). Each individual is shown in a range of poses from profile to frontal views - each in a separate directory labelled 1a, 1b, ... 1t and images are numbered consecutively as they were taken. The files are all in PGM format, approximately 220 x 220 pixels with 256-bit grey-scale.

The authors grant the right to use the face database with the following restrictions:

The database has been used in several of our publications, for example:

Characterizing Virtual Eigensignatures for General Purpose Face Recognition

Daniel B Graham and Nigel M Allinson.
(in) Face Recognition: From Theory to Applications ,
NATO ASI Series F, Computer and Systems Sciences, Vol. 163.
H. Wechsler, P. J. Phillips, V. Bruce, F. Fogelman-Soulie and T. S. Huang (eds), pp 446-456, 1998.

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