M&E Engineering

M & Team

The M& E engineers provide a frontline service to enable work to be done that our in-house technical services team cannot physically do.

The range of services they provide include; Five yearly testing for electrical systems such as fixed wiring within a building , Legionella control, lift management and maintenance (the University has 128 lifts), CCTV maintenance, intruder alarm maintenance, automatic fire alarm systems maintenance, University-wide air conditioning and air handling systems. They also are responsible for good health and safety practice during onsite work, overseeing Swimming pool contractor - maintaining water quality and conditions.

If you do need some assistance from the team please note that in the first instance every job needs to go to the helpdesk first who will then designate work to the technical services or the engineering team.

This is a busy team with the team sometimes dealing with as many as 1,200 jobs a month, sometimes much more.