HiSoN 2014: Historical Discourses on Language and Power

We are pleased to announce that the next Historical Sociolinguistics Network (HiSoN) conference will take place on 6-8 February 2014 at the University of Sheffield. Bordering the picturesque Peak District, Sheffield is easily reached via Manchester International Airport as well as London airports.

Keynote speakers:


This conference aims to zone in on the interface between history and linguistics, with a sharp focus on historical discourses on language and power. Power plays a central role in shaping social interactions and various forms of group membership. It enables the construction of insiders and outsiders in relation to ethnicity, social class, gender, religion and so on. From a historical perspective, in what ways has language been central to constructing, challenging and reconfiguring boundaries? Additionally, in what ways do contemporary discourses on language and power draw on historical events to justify or contest social practices? Contributions are welcome but not limited to the fields of sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, social history and cultural anthropology.

The deadline for abstracts of 250-300 words (bibliography included) is 16 September 2013. Abstracts and queries about the conference should to be sent to the conference email address: hisonsheffield@gmail.com. Notification of acceptance will be sent by 31 October 2013.


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Further information

You can view the conference programme here.

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We look forward to seeing you in February 2014:

The Sheffield HiSoN conference organizers are Susan Fitzmaurice (School of English), Kristine Horner (SLC, Germanic Studies), Catharina Peersman (SLC, French Studies) and Mark Faulkner (School of English).