Degrees Cooler and Green Impact

The University of Sheffield is one of 20 universities participating in the national Degrees Cooler campaign. Degrees Cooler is being spearheaded by the National Union of Students’ (NUS) with funding from the Defra sponsored Greener Living Fund.

The campaign aims to transform environmental performance and bring about massive and measurable changes in pro-environmental behaviour in four key areas by 2011:

Degrees Cooler

What is changing?

The Department of Finance has taken part in the Degrees Cooler campaign since 2010 by participating in the Green Impact Awards. We have won the Gold Award at the University of Sheffield, and the Office Depot Innovation Award for our voluntary work with local charities. We have also undertaken  ‘Excellence Challenges’ focussing on reducing the impact of our journeys to work and greening the office environment. We're making changes towards greener behaviour:

green impact sheffield logo.jpg
  • generate less waste materials
  • recycle more variety of materials and products
  • support charities through recycling and fundraising
  • purchase fair-trade and sustainable foods
  • reduce electricity and gas consumption
  • promote greener and sustainable travel options for staff and visitors
  • introduce water saving schemes
  • increase staff awareness and participation

Need help or more information?

Who to contact
If you have any queries then please contact the Michelle Frost.