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Title: Emeritus Professor of French

David Walker


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B.A., PhD, University of Liverpool


I worked as Lecturer, then Senior Lecturer, at the University of Glasgow before being appointed to the Chair of French at Keele University where I worked for ten years.

I have been Professor of French at Sheffield since 1995. I was Head of the School of Modern Languages and Linguistics 1995-1999 and Head of the Department of French from 1997 to 2002. I was Dean of the Faculty of Arts 2003-2005 and resumed the Headship of French from 2005 to 2007. I hold the title 'Chevalier dans l'Ordre des Palmes académiques', conferred by the French Government.

Research interests

I have published articles on numerous aspects of modern French culture and society, as well as editions of works by Jean Genet, Albert Camus, André Gide and Alain Robbe-Grillet. I have written or edited four books on Gide. I am the author of Consumer Chronicles : Cultures of Consumption in Modern French Literature, which analyses a series of novels, selected for their authentic portrayal of consumer behaviour, and examines the impact of affluence on French shoppers, shopkeepers and society. Outrage and Insight: Modern French Writers and the 'fait divers', my previous book, considers the ways in which writers have reacted to or been inspired by sensational 'tabloid' journalism. As Director of the André Gide Editions Project I oversee and contribute to critical editions of works by Gide, some electronic, for example 'Les Caves du Vatican' published on CD-Rom. I also directed the creation of the on-line database 'GidianArchives'. A recently completed research project arose from my rediscovery of a lost correspondence by Gide, consisting of some nine hundred letters which were published in two volumes. In addition this research led to the publication in Paris of a previously unknown novella by Gide: Le Ramier , for which I wrote a Postface. I have also produced critical editions of plays by Albert Camus for his Œuvres complètes published by Editions Gallimard in their 'Pléiade' collection ; and of novels and other texts by André Gide, for his Romans et récits, Œuvres lyriques et dramatiques also published in the 'Pléiade' collection.

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Migrating Voids, a novel. Createspace publishing, 2014.
262 pp. ISBN: 978-1499609493

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