Hart Distinguished Scholar 2010 announced

Professor Ted Schatzki

The Department of Geography is pleased to announce that this year's Hart Distinguished Scholar will be Professor Ted Schatzki from the University of Kentucky.

The Department periodically invites a person who helps inform thinking within the discipline, either as a Geographer or, in Professor Schatzki's case, as a someone from outside of the discipline who is interested in thinking through problems in quite geographical ways. Professor Schatzki's interests are in social theory, theory of action, the philosophy of social science, and 20th-century continental philosophy. He is author of Social Practices: A Wittgensteinian Approach to Human Activity and the Social (1996), The Site of the Social: A Philosophical Exploration of the Constitution of Social Life and Change (2002), Martin Heidegger: Theorist of Space (2007), and The Timespace of Human Activity: On Performance, Society, and History as Indeterminate Teleological Events (2010). He is also contributing co-editor of The Practice Turn in Contemporary Theory (2001) and of a special issue of the journal Human Affairs on Action and Practice Theory (2007). In addition, he is author of numerous articles on Wittgenstein, Nietzsche, Heidegger, and various topics in philosophy of action, social thought, and continental philosophy.

Professor Schatzki will be giving a talk titled "Materiality and Social Life" from 5:00pm - 6:30pm in the Richard Roberts Auditorium on Wednesday 3 November 2010. All are warmly invited.