Hunting down 65,000 drumlins

In a major new Channel 4 television series - Birth of Britain - Tony Robinson examines the forces that have shaped the British Isles.

In the second of these series, he looks at the effects that the last two-and-a-half million years have left on our landscape. Britain has experienced numerous deep freezes that left the land uninhabitable and locked under ice sheets over a mile thick. Tony traces the movement of the ice from the Scottish Highlands, though to the edge of southern England with the help of Professor Chris Clark from the department.

The pair travel to Glasgow to show the sometimes unexpected results of millions of tonnes of ice moving over the country, and the effects that are still apparent today. Chris explains how drumlins, one of the major glacial features in our landscape were formed, and how they are still very visible today. Chris then shows how his hunt for the 65,000 drumlins in the British Isles may well help unlock our understanding of the consequences of current global warming.

Birth of Britain starts on Channel 4 at 8:00pm Monday 17 January, with "Ice", the episode featuring Chris, being brodcast the week after - Monday 24 January.

Chris in Glasgow