Tuck in for Tikeet!

Following on from last year's success, this year's West Pokot Week is encouraging everyone in the Geography & Planning Building to Tuck in for Tikeet.

The Department runs field courses for MA and 3rd year undergraduates based in West Pokot, a remote part of north-western Kenya, 320 miles away from the capital Nairobi. Along with the fieldcentre in Marich, the neighbouring communities of Tikeet and Mbara really struggle to meet their daily needs and there is a serious lack of services and investment in the region. Villagers in Tikeet have to walk seven to eight hours to get to the nearest clinic and have poor access to fresh water. The only local source of medical help for the village is a mobile clinic provided by the church which visits once a month.

Seeing the poverty firsthand in March 2010, our students began fundraising through the Friends from Marich Pass charity. West Pokot Week was established as a way of giving back to these communities, in return for allowing students to conduct their fieldwork there.

Money raised this year will go towards furnishing and completing the new health clinic in Tikit, together with a borehole which will shortly be sunk in the village, providing a ready source of fresh water. Last year's West Pokot Week raised well over £3,000, enabling the roof to be built on the clinic.

Please come along and Tuck in for Tikeet where you can buy a great homemade lunch whilst supporting a very important cause! If any one has an urge to bake we would also appreciate any extra cakes or sandwiches throughout the week.

Tickeet Health Clinic