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BRITICE-CHRONO Improving ice sheet forecasting in a warming world, to predict sea level rise.


BRITICE-CHRONO is a five-year NERC-funded consortium of more than 40 researchers comprising glaciologists, marine and terrestrial Quaternary scientists and ice-sheet modellers. 

Given concerns about retreat/stability of the marine-influenced West Antarctic and Greenland ice Sheets, and consequent sea-level rise, it is imperative that we can predict the future rates of change of these large ice masses.

Our current ability to do so is limited and a weakness in climate science. Numerical ice sheet models – capable of making predictions - exist and are being refined, but they have yet to be adequately tested against data on the pattern and timing of a shrinking ice sheet. We are conducting a systematic and directed campaign to collect and date material to constrain the timing and rates of change of the collapsing British Irish Ice Sheet ice sheet.

By the end of BRITICE-CHRONO the British Irish Ice Sheet will become the best constrained anywhere and a benchmark against which predictive ice sheet models can be improved and tested.

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