International Development.

Our internationally recognised research addresses a range of key issues and challenges in international development and the geographies of development. Our work contributes to and leads debates in areas of sustainable development, citizenship and democratisation, natural resource politics, and the human dimensions of environmental change. Bridging across these themes, and drawing the research group together, is an overarching concern with social justice and understanding how best to achieve equitable, sustainable development. Our work engages with a range of collaborators and partners across the world, with primary research foci in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America.

Our research delivers empirically grounded and theoretically novel findings to a range of audiences. Our work is supported by various sources, including the ESRC, Leverhulme, DfID and ERC funding. Our researchers play a prominent role in leading the Sheffield Institute for International Development. The research group has a strong set of PhD students whose interests span a range of topics from civil society to REDD+ to tourism and development. We are always happy to hear from potential new PhD students or post-doctoral researchers working in fields relating to our work.

Researchers actively involved in international development work include:

Dr Dan Hammett
Professor Jean Grugel
Dr Margo Huxley
Dr Deborah Sporton
Dr Chasca Twyman
Dr Jojo Nem Singh

PhD Research

Margi Bryant
Nick Clare
Alexandra Dorgan
Felicitas Mberema
William Wright
Elizabeth Kamunge
Marcia Vera
Ana Laura Zavala
Martha Avalos-Perez
Sarah Peck
Aisha Giwa
Olasimbo (Lara) Fayombo
Lewis Cameron
Lauren Howes