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Citizen Support for Democratic Governance

Supervisors: Charles Pattie & Dan Vickers

Current Research

The primary purpose of this research is to contribute to our understanding of citizen support and perspectives on democracy across the world. Central to this work is the need to question whether democracy is indeed ‘a universal value’, and can be understood in terms of ‘human development’ or whether in fact contextual factors still render understandings of democracy significantly different from place to place. The approach taken will examine theoretical perspectives in the literature using quantitative analysis, in particular utilising hierarchical regression techniques.

I am co-ordinator of the Policy, Governance and Place Research Group

Research Interests

ESRC Internship

From February – April 2012 I undertook an ESRC-funded Internship in the Scottish Government. I worked in the Strategic Research Unit producing reports and Ministerial briefs, reviewing existing evidence for research projects and undertaking data analysis. The role involved working with directorate leaders, research officers, advisors, academics and third-sector organisations.



For 6-months I worked as a full-time Quantitative Geography Teaching Associate in the department. My role included planning and delivering lectures, facilitating seminars and workshops, having two tutorial groups, marking, feedback and assessment design. Modules I have taught on include:




Funding Awards


I have worked with University Outreach on video lectures to sixth-formers on Geography at University. I have also visited schools as an RGS Geography Ambassador and helped out in departmental open days both as a staff member and as a PhD student.

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