The University of Sheffield
Geography Undergraduate Student Handbook

Departmental staff (with their teaching and research interests)

Head of Department
Name Research interests Email
Professor Jean Grugel development, democratisation, human rights for children
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Tutor for Undergraduate Studies
Name Research interests Email
Dr Darrel Swift glacial hydrology, landscape change
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Teaching Staff
Name Research interests Email
Dr Dimitris Ballas GIS, economic geography, spatial impacts of public policy
Dr Mark Bateman Quaternary environments, luminescence dating
Professor Grant Bigg climate change, oceonography, modelling
Dr Megan Blake local economic development
Dr Rob Bryant remote sensing applications, drylands
Professor Chris Clark remote sensing, ice sheets, glacial geomorphology
Dr Jess Dubow politics of body and spatiality, cultural geography
Professor Jean Grugel development, democratisation, human rights for children
Dr Daniel Hammett urban space, geopolitics, citizenship, South Africa, geographies of education
Dr Edward Hanna climate change, polar ice, meteorology
Dr Andrew Hodson cold regions hydrology, water quality, glaciology
Professor Peter Jackson social and cultural geography, race and racism
Dr Julie Jones climate change, palaeoclimate
Dr Andrew McGonigle remote sensing, climate change, environmental modelling
Dr Helen Moggridge biogeomorphology, hydroecology, ecosystem services
Dr Felix Ng glaciolgical modelling
Dr Eric Olund governmentality, visual culture of modern cities, sexuality
Professor Tony Parsons geomorphology of drylands
Professor Charles Pattie electoral geography, urban politics, public policy
Professor Richard Phillips postcolonial geographies; gender and sexuality; cultural geographies
Dr Tom Smith
Dr Andrew Sole Greenland ice sheet dynamics
Dr Deborah Sporton population, demography, immigrant communities, development
Dr Darrel Swift glacial hydrology, landscape change
Mr Luke Temple geopolitics, citizenship,democratization, socio-spatial inequalities
Dr Chasca Twyman society, environment and development, especially in Africa
Dr Dan Vickers Social segregation, social and spatial inequalities, clustering
Dr Matt Watson social and cultural geographies, consumption and sustainability
Professor Paul White migration, Europe, urban and social geography
Dr Adam Whitworth deprivation, crime, gender and families
Mr Stephen Wise geographical information systems, hillslopes, computing
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For information on Administrative, Technical and Research Staff, see the Staff section on the main Geography website