GEO347 Geo-Environmental Project

Level 3
Credits 20
Availability Restricted to Environmental Mathematics and Environmental Science students
Semester Autumn
Prerequisites None
Description This module provides students with the opportunity to perform and report on a piece of original research work within a Geo-environmental context. The student will decide upon a topic, with guidance from their supervisor then investigate this, either by collecting and analysing their own data, or through secondary study of information drawn from existing sources. The finished product is presented in the style, and at the length, associated with academic journal articles.
Aims To give students the experience of carrying out an original research project under supervision.
Learning Outcomes By the end of the module, a student will be able to demonstrate:
  1. The ability to design and carry out a programme of research, involving the collation and analysis of either original or secondary data, appropriate to answering the research question under investigation.
  2. The ability to analyse research data competently and appropriately.
  3. The ability to write a substantial research report, summarising relevant literature, methodology, and results.
Outline Contents Students will be assigned to supervisors during semester 2, level 2: this will be achieved for the Environmental Mathematics students via GEO263, and for the Environmental Science students, via a meeting, which the GEO347 convenor will arrange. The student will develop a specific research topic, with guidance from their supervisor. Students will then acquire their data (from existing sources if these are secondary), or collect their own data, involving field work (eg during the vacation between L2 and L3) and/or laboratory work. During their first semester at level 3 students will work on the analysis of their data and on the presentation of their results, with a limited amount of advice from an individual supervisor.
Delivery Methods Self-learning, plus supervision with an allocated supervisor
Student Contact Hours 2 hours personal supervision
Supporting Texts None
Assessment Methods A project report, excluding the preliminary page(s) containing the title and abstract, should not exceed 5,000 words in length. In addition up to 15 additional pages of appendices, which may also include the list of references.
(convenor underlined)
Dr Darrel Swift

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