Patient Participation Group and Patient Suveys

We currently receive feedback from our patients from a number of sources:

  • UHS Web page - Patient View
  • The waiting room Comments and Suggestions Box
  • The University Student Survey
  • The Student Barometer
  • The National GP Survey
  • In house patient surveys and questionnaires

We first attempted to set up a Patient Participation Group in 2005 but found little interest amongst the patient body. In 2011, we were encouraged by the Government to develop new methods of engaging patients in the provision of services and inviting their feedback. As the National Survey used between 2006 and 2011 yielded a poor response from patients (for the UHS this was only 8%) the responsibility has been devolved to General Practices to formulate their own surveys and establish Patient Participation Groups to explore ideas for developing services and implementing any changes based on patient feedback.

We have invited patients to join a virtual Patient Participation Group and established a Muse Space in order to receive feedback and agree any changes and developments. The Student Union is hoping to have a Project Support Officer in post to offer continuity to this and other projects.

You can view the questionnaire and the results of our latest survey below.

Patient Survey Results

GP Patient Surveys

GP Patient Survey 2012 (901kb .doc file)

GP Patient Survey 2011 (35kb .xls file)

Nurse Patient Surveys

Nurse Patient Survey 2012 (630Kb .doc file)

GP Patient Survey Archived Results

These are the results for the University Health Service from National GP Surveys

Annual Reports

Patient Participation Group 2013 Annual Report (149kB .docx file)

Patient Participation Group 2012 Annual Report (152kb .docx file)