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The Department has specialists in Medieval, Early Modern, and Modern British and European History; American History; and International History.


Julia's research focuses on late Roman and early medieval social history (c.300-700). She has a particular interest in the transformations of the family and the household in this period and how these are reflected in legal sources. Her research ranges from the urban context of the family, particularly in the late antique city of Rome, where she has investigated private settlement, property transmission and patronage and issues of authority, hierarchy and discipline within the household.

Amanda works on the intellectual, religious and political life of medieval Europe. She specialises in the history of the Franciscan order. Her current research project examines the responses of religious and secular authorities to the new geographical information gathered in the wake of the Mongol conquests, and to the influx of Greco-Arabic learning from the Mediterranean world.

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Dr Charles West

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Charles works on earlier medieval European (including British) history from around 700 to 1200. His forthcoming monograph is focused on the Feudal Revolution, but he has also written on a broad range of topics, including English urban history, Carolingian advocates, the cult of the saints, the crusades and medieval ideas of the past. As well as co-editing a book on Hincmar of Rheims with Rachel Stone (KCL), he is starting a new project on Humbert of Moyenmoutier's contribution to the eleventh-century church reform movement. He welcomes applications for postgraduate study in all these areas.
Simon's research interests include all aspects of the history and archaeology of late antiquity, particularly the transition from the ancient to the medieval world and the cities and exchange-networks of late Roman and Frankish Gaul. 

Martial's research interests range from the history of the Church in the Middle Ages and the Reformation to the history of urban societies in late medieval and Renaissance Germany and Italy. He has worked beyond medieval and early modern history, on intellectual history, exile and - more recently - migrations. Building on this, he is currently embarking on a history of the global citizen from c.1200 to c.1600.