The aims of Sheffield Leader:

  • Move beyond traditional models of leadership towards leadership that is based on building an adaptive sustainable community in which collective leadership, more than individual leadership is more likely to address the external complexity facing HEIs
  • Bring a community of leaders together in an environment where what they have in common (around building and sustaining a world class university) is reinforced
  • Use the actual leadership challenges and experiences of participants as sources of learning and build dialogue around these
  • Equip individual leaders with the necessary awareness, capabilities and confidence.

Who Sheffield Leader 1 is for:

You are likely to be in your first leadership and management position or be a first line manager/team leader who has not previously undertaken any leadership development. Your role could either be in the form of a defined line management position or in a position of leadership as an expert in your chosen field. In academic areas, this could include the supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate students. Your sphere of influence will be primarily within your own team and your stakeholders will be other members of your team (peers and/or line reports), your own immediate line manager and, in student-facing roles, students.

What Sheffield Leader 1 involves:

The time commitment will be 2 days as follows and will be encouraged to review their leadership development through SRDS.

Module 1 (1 day) – including leadership styles and management versus leadership

Module 2 (1 day) – including leading change and managing performance

Current dates for Sheffield Leader 1 cohorts are here