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The aims of Sheffield Leader:

Core components of Sheffield Leader 4:

Who Sheffield Leader 4 is for:

You will either be amongst the University’s ‘senior leadership cadre’ (Head of Department-level or equivalent) or you will be expecting to assume such a position in the near future. As such, you will be already involved with the University’s governance systems in some way.

You will be responsible for a large and institutionally significant work area, involving both soft and hard resource responsibilities. Your stakeholders will be wide and varied - from your local departmental staff, to senior staff across the University, to national and international leaders in your chosen field.

You may already hold a deep understanding and awareness of leadership practice and theory, gained through either formal development or your own experience and research.

What Sheffield Leader 4 involves:

Launch event - (1/2 day)
Module 1 - (3 days residential @ Whitley Hall Hotel) “The World We’re In” including input and conversation with Professor Sir Keith Burnett, Vice-Chancellor
Module 2 - (3 days residential @ Whitley Hall Hotel) “Leadership Within Higher Education” including participant provocation on a chosen subject and ‘Fierce’ Conversations
Module 3 - (3 days residential @ Whitley Hall Hotel) “Authentic Leadership” including an external guest speaker on developing personal impact
Strategic Impact Group presentations - (1/2 day) groups share their progress, impact and lessons learned to UEB members
Follow Up event - (1/2 day) a chance to share the impact of the Sheffield Leader journey alongside the key lessons which have emerged; individually, collectively and systemically

Current dates for Sheffield Leader 4 cohorts are here