Which level?


You are likely to be in your first leadership and management position or be a first line manager/team leader who has not previously undertaken any leadership development.

Your role could either be in the form of a defined line management position or in a position of leadership as an expert in your chosen field.  In academic areas, this could include the supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Your sphere of influence will be primarily within your own team and your stakeholders will be other members of your team (peers and/or line reports), your own immediate line manager and, in student-facing roles, students. 



Your sphere of influence will be across the wider department, whilst you regularly liaise with other members of the department outside your own particular team.  Your stakeholders will be all staff within your department, including the Head or Director of Department.  In some cases you will need to influence staff in the wider faculty/University in order for your work to be effective.

You will lead the organisation of a defined work area and will have responsibility for either delegating work to others or for directly managing a group of staff (including Contract Research Staff).

You will have some awareness of key leadership skills and attributes, which will have been gained through either participation in leadership development programmes or through your own research.



You will have formal leadership responsibilities covering a significant work area, which has University-wide impact.  You will be used to liaising with colleagues across the University and also relevant associated professionals external to the University. 

You will typically have line management responsibility for a number of staff, although if you don’t, you will need to influence large numbers of senior staff from across the University to be effective in your role.  Your stakeholders are therefore your own team, department, faculty, senior staff in the University outside your own direct area and staff external to the University.

You may already hold a broad understanding and awareness of leadership practice and theory, gained through either formal development or your own experience and research.



You will either be amongst the University’s ‘senior leadership cadre’ (Head of Department-level or equivalent) or you will be expecting to assume such a position in the near future.  As such, you will be already involved with the University’s governance systems in some way.

You will be responsible for a large and institutionally significant work area, involving both soft and hard resource responsibilities.  Your stakeholders will be wide and varied - from your local departmental staff, to senior staff across the University, to national and international leaders in your chosen field.

You may already hold a deep understanding and awareness of leadership practice and theory, gained through either formal development or your own experience and research.