ProfPayIntroductory Zone

Band I of the Professorial Pay Scheme includes an Introductory Zone:
the first five points of Band I.

ProfPayProfessorial Banding

Band Structure: The band structure applies from 1 August 2016.

Band Summaries: Our professors are banded according to the level at which they are working and their contribution to the University.

ProfPayExample Activities

Examples of activities that would be expected in the given band. The band of a professor reflects the overall level at which he or she is working.


Professorial Salary Review Toolkit

The information on this year's Professorial Salary Review, including the Professorial Salary Review Toolkit. The toolkit will enable the user to dip into key information as the need arises whilst also providing links to relevant forms, flowcharts and additional sources of information.

The University has a three-band structure for its non clinical professors. These pages contain information about this structure and its associated processes.