Upcoming Research Seminars and Events

16th February at 12 noon Banjamin Worthy - Birkbeck, University of London
Title: Freedom of Information - why bother?
23rd February at 12 noon Jeremy Knox - University of London
Title: The Learning Analytics Report Card
2nd March at 12 noon Silvia Masiero - Loughborough University
Title: The making of beneficiaries: on the datification of anti-poverty programmes
9th March at 12 noon Simon Andrews - Sheffield Hallam University
Title: Organised Crime and Social Media; detecting and corroborating weak signals of Human Trafficking online
16th March at 3.30pm Mike Thelwal - University of Wolverhampton
Title: Insights into user perceptions of books from the Goodreads website
23rd March at 12 noon Yingqin Zheng - Royal Holloway, University of London
Title: Affordances of social media in collective action: the case of Free Lunch for Children in China
30th March at 12 noon David Kenyon - Bletchley Park
Title: Still to be confirmed