A Short Course for Non-Technically Qualified Personnel

Who should attend this course?

ferrous1.gifThis Short Course is tailor-made for non-technically qualified personnel in the iron and steel industry, and its customers and suppliers. It has been running successfully for over 25 years.

The course is designed to provide a background in both the scientific and technological aspects of the metallurgy of iron and steel, at a level suitable for personnel in non-technical functions (to facilitate communication with colleagues in technical functions). It is also aimed at personnel in technical functions who have non-metallurgical backgrounds (to provide an overall perspective of the subject).

The week-long course has been specially designed to cater for people with experience ranging from less than one year to over 30 years in the industry. It will be of interest to anyone holding positions in works management, accounting, marketing, production, planning, personnel and other related functions.

A large number of organisations from within the UK, Europe and the rest of the world have sent delegates on the course, and it is widely agreed that the scope of material covered during the programme presents a challenge, even for people with considerable experience of the industry.


The Metallurgy of Iron and Steel for non experts - Book Online



The Short Course begins with a lecture-demonstration on precisely what is meant by the metallurgy of iron and steel. This leads into the four main course modules on Microstructure, Steel Quality and Performance, Iron and Steelmaking, and Shaping. An integrated approach is adopted throughout the course, with frequent cross-referencing within the four modules.


A series of lectures explains how the microstructure of carbon steel develops; how it is influenced by chemical composition; processing and heat treatment and how this microstructure affects mechanical properties.

Other topics include hardenability and alloy steels; the role of different additions to steel; tool steels; surface treatments of steel; and stainless steel. Practical macro- and micro-examination of steels will enable participants to recognise key structural features.

Steel Quality and Performance

A series of lectures covers testing and mechanical properties; the nature and origin of inclusions and their effects; defects in cast and wrought products; quality control and non-destructive testing; corrosion and protection; Welding of Steels and performance and failures of steel in service, as well as Steel Specifications.

There will be demonstrations of mechanical testing. Delegates will see a number of different types of steel defects and failures that will include examples of failed components which have been collected over many years by staff in the Department.

Iron and Steelmaking

A series of lectures explores ironmaking in the blast furnace and both BOS and Electric Arc steelmaking. Secondary steelmaking will also be discussed, including degassing, ladle steelmaking, the AOD process and consumable electrode remelting.

A demonstration, involving the delegates, of steelmaking by oxygen blowing will show steelmaking chemistry in action.


A series of lectures covers the solidification of liquid steel; casting techniques, ingot and continuous casting; hot and cold working operations; the role of machining, powder metallurgy and welding and joining of steel.


Teaching on the course is carried out by experienced lecturers drawn partly from industry but mostly from the Department of Engineering Materials. Formal lectures are extensively supplemented by practical demonstrations and videos, making for an effective learning experience. There is ample opportunity for delegates with a wide range of interest to interact on an informal basis. A comprehensive book of notes is given to every delegate.


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Course fee: £1,100, not including accommodation or £1,400 including 5 nights Ensuite accommodation with Breakfast at a local hotel.
(This course is exempt from VAT)

What past delegates have to say about the course (doc-52kb)

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Assessment of course by delegates, 9th to 13th January 2012 (pdf-121kb)

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