The Mechanistic Biology MSc: A springboard into the future of Molecular Biosciences

The competition for obtaining PhD funding is becoming ever more tight, both in the UK and elsewhere.

In the first year of running the MSc course we have already had great success in helping our students find PhD places: their confidence and proficiency in mathematics, physics and computer programming in a molecular biosciences context has given them the edge.

Beth McMillan

From our present cohort of students Beth Mcmillan has secured a PhD place in Oxford: “The PhD programme is a 4-year DPhil in Systems Biology at the Systems Biology Doctoral Training Centre. They were looking for people with backgrounds in biology or programming or maths or physics so doing a masters that includes all four ticked a lot of boxes.

Most recently, Gosia Poczopko obtained several offers from prestigious institutions in Europe and has chosen a PhD at the EMBL in Heidelberg: “I got the offer really due to skills I have gained in the MSc course. In both groups they were looking for a person that can do programming and microscopy at the same time. We were studying coding and my PhD thesis will be on development of microscopy methods so if not for the MSc I would not be there.

gosia poczopko

And for the future, "Mechanistic Biology" is the theme for the BBSRC funded, White Rose (Universities of Sheffield, York and Leeds) Doctoral Training Partnership that was recently announced. Over 3 years (starting 2012) there will be over 80 PhD places available in “Mechanistic Biology”.