Academic Foundation Programmes

Academic Research Foundation Programmes

We offer nine Academic Research Foundation Training posts as part of a two-year F1-F2 linked Academic Research Foundation programme.

Biomedsci2dThe programme provides protected time away from clinical training to pursue an area of research interest before applying for an Academic Clinical Fellowship. Candidates can apply for one of three Academic Research Foundation Rotations.

The F1 year consists of 3 x 4-month clinical posts. The F2 year has a rotation of 12 months, divided into 3 x 4-month posts. An academic research foundation trainee spends eight months undertaking clinical training in 2 x 4-month blocks in specialities led by a Clinical Academic and a 4-month block undertaking an academic research placement.

During the research placement trainees spend time in a research laboratory or attached to a clinical research group, attend research group meetings alongside researchers and scientists, carry out a small research project and conduct a review of the research literature on their research topic. They then write up the project, literature review and present their findings to their Research Group for assessment.

Life as an AF trainee  Jen

Read about the experiences of Dr Jen Larsen.

Academic Medical Education Foundation Programmes

We currently provide twelve Academic Medical Education Foundation Training posts as part of a two year F1-F2 linked Academic Medical Education Foundation Programme based in the Medical Teaching Unit attached to the Department of Medical Education. Candidates can apply for one of four Academic Medical Education Foundation Rotations.

Clinical scienceThe  F1 year of 3 x 4-month clinical posts is followed by an F2 year divided into 3 x 4-month posts. The trainee undertakes clinical training in 2 x 4-month blocks and spends one 4-month block undertaking an Academic Medical Education placement. Trainees undertake a range of duties depending on the time of year, including supervision of anatomy practical classes, demonstration of physiology practicals and clinical skills and small group teaching of clinical skills and tutorial work including the Integrated Learning Activities (ILA).

Teaching training is provided by the Academic Department of Medical Education and there is the opportunity to undertake a Certificate in Medical Education.

Please note that the timing of the Medical Education placement will determine the content of the post. If you have any queries regarding this, please contact Dr Michelle Marshall

For further information please see the Job Description for Academic Education Placements on the South Yorkshire Foundation School website.

The Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber Academic Presentation Day provides opportunities to present for all academic clinical trainees.

Recruitment for 2014 Academic Foundation Programme:

Please go to The South Yorkshire Foundation School webpage for details on how to apply.

The Rough Guide to the Foundation Programme gives lots of information about how to apply and what to expect from your foundation years. The Academic Compendium gives an indication of what outcomes and competencies can be achieved during your Academic Foundation years.

Please note that trainees can apply for either the academic research or the medical education foundation programme but not both.