PhD Students

Terry Burke's Current and Recently Completed PhD Students

Current PhD Students

2011– Razali H, University of Sheffield; the role of variability in immune genes in house sparrows (Passer Domesticus)

2011 – Gilroy D, University of East Anglia (co-supervisor).

2012 – Edwards H, University of Sheffield; personality and fitness in the Seychelles warbler.

2013 – Groenewoud F, University of Groningen (co-supervisor).

2013 – Busana M, University of Groningen (co-supervisor).

2013 – Sanchez-Tojar A, Max Planck Institute Ornithology, Seewiesen (Co-supervisor).

Recently Completed Students

2015 Winney I, University of Sheffield; house sparrow genetics.

2015 Zhang H, University of Sheffield; genetics of plumage colour pattern in the Gouldian finch, erythrura gouldiae.

2014 Hsu Y, University of Otago (Co-supervisor).

2013 Dos Remedios N, University of Bath (Co-supervisor).

2013 Hammers M, University of Groningen (co-supervisor).

2013 Farrell L Simon Fraser University (co-supervisor).
Molecular genetics of alternative reproductive morphs in ruffs

2012 Fellows S, University of Sheffield (co-supervisor).

2012 Crommenacker J, University of Groningen (co-supervisor).

2012 KW Kim
The molecular genetic basis of a plumage colour polymorphism in the Gouldian finch (Erythrura gouldiae)
University of Sheffield

2011 M Vaez
Evolution of plumage genes.
University of Sheffield

2011 I Cleasby
Life history strategies in the house sparrow Passer Domesticus.
University of Sheffield

2009 H Hipperson
Conservation genetics in protected populations
University of Sheffield (NERC CASE)

2007 DA Dawson
Genomic analysis of passerine birds using conserved microsatellite loci.
University of Sheffield (Part-time, NERC)

2006 S Nakagawa
Genetic basis of mate choice, immunocompetence and their interaction in the house sparrow, Passer domesticus
University of Sheffield (Foundation of Research Science and Technology, New Zealand; joint supervisor: Dr Ben Hatchwell)