Music Mind Machine in Sheffield

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Music Mind Machine in Sheffield continues the tradition of the successful interdisciplinary research group “Music Mind Machine” to combine expertise and methodologies from music theory, psychology and computer science to investigate cognitive processes underlying the perception and performance of music. The research centre promotes interdisciplinary research on music by fostering communication between researchers and students with varying backgrounds, by supporting experimental and computational research facilities, and by creating an active research environment with opportunities for researchers (to be) at any stage of their career. The unifying denominator is the aim to improve insight in music as perceived, performed and experienced through state of the art methodologies, focusing on research with a potential for applications.

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Directors Associated staff members
Associated members
Dr Renee Timmers Prof Guy Brown Yuko Arthurs
Prof Nicola Dibben Dr Harriet Cook Amy Beeston
Dr Adrian Moore Stephanie Bramley
Dr Richard Rowe Julian Cespedes Guevara
Dr Simon Tucker Ioanna Filippidi
Prof Paul Overton Henrique Meissner
Dr Victoria Williamson Dr Andrea Schiavio
Mark Summers
Theresa Veltri
Tim Metcalfe