Professor Rob Coleman MBBS, MD, FRCP, FRCPE

Professor of Medical Oncology, University of Sheffield; Head of Academic Unit of Clinical Oncology

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Department of Oncology & Metabolism
Cancer Clinical Trials Centre
Academic Unit of Clinical Oncology
Weston Park Hospital
S10 2SJ

Office: Broomcross Building, Floor 2

Tel: +44 (0)114 226 5213
Fax: +44 (0)114 226 5364



Professor Robert (Rob) Coleman graduated from Kings College Hospital Medical School, University of Londong in 1978.  Following clinical training in oncology in London and Edinburgh and completion of a research doctorate (MD) in the field of bone metastases, he became senior lecturer and honorary consultant in the newly formed Academic Unit of Clinical Oncology at Weston Park Hospital in 1991 and was subsequently promoted to Reader in 1996 and Professor in 1999.  For more than 25 years he has been instrumental in developing clinical cancer research in the city and surrounding clinical network and is passionate about improving the care of cancer patients through research. During that time he has held many leadership roles within the university and the NIHR Cancer Research Network. Since 2014 he has been a part-time Medical Director for the independent medical education provider, prIME Oncology™ alongside his on-going, but now part-time clinical academic role within the university.

Rob established a highly successful cancer clinical trials facility, which has both led and participated in a broad range of clinical trials and provides the research infrastructure for the North Trent Cancer Research Network and the Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre. These trials have ranged from early phase drug development studies to large phase III randomised trials. Since the mid 1980s, Rob’s main research interest has been into cancer induced bone disease with a particular focus in breast cancer. His research in this area is wide ranging and internationally recognised and includes:

  • clinical aspects of care
  • the development of bone targeted agents in oncology
  • use of bone targeted treatments to prevent metastasis
  • evaluation of bone biomarkers in oncology to aid drug development and provide both prognostic and predictive information of clinical value
  • the assessment of adverse effects of cancer treatments on bone health and evaluation of various treatment strategies.

Rob has authored or co-authored 400 publications of original research and numerous invited reviews and book chapters. He is the founding editor of Journal of Bone Oncology, on the editorial board of several oncology journals and a reviewer for numerous journals. He is also a Trustee for Breast Cancer Now, St Luke’s Hospice and Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity.

Current active grants

  1. Breast Cancer Campaign. Potential biomarkers of bone metastasis - functional studies and clinical significance (Co-Appl) - £183,487– 2014-2016
  2. Cancer Research UK: Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (Co-Appl) - £1,000,000 – 2012-2017
  3. Cancer Research UK: Testosterone Replacement in Young Male Survivors of Cancer (TRYMS) (Co-Appl): £500,075 - 2010 - 2015
  4. Health technology Assessment - HTA Project: 12/35/17 - POSNOC - POsitive Sentinel NOde: adjuvant therapy alone versus adjuvant therapy plus Clearance or axillary radiotherapy: A randomised controlled trial of axillary treatment in women with early stage breast cancer who have metastases in one or two sentinel nodes. (Co-Appl) £2,100,000– 2014-2023
  5. Medical Research Council/AstraZeneca. Mechanisms of Disease. The role of Src in cancer-induced bone pain. (Co-Appl):- £884,626 – 2013-2016.
  6. National Institute for Health Research. Bridging the age gap in breast cancer. Improving outcomes for older women (Co-Appl) £1,705,273 – 2013-2018
  7. Novartis Pharmaceuticals (AZURE Clinical Trial) (PI): - £5,517,737 - 2003-2016
  8. Novartis Pharmaceuticals (AZURE BMD Sub-study) (PI): - £456,512 - 2009-2016
  9. Yorkshire Cancer Research. The Yorkshire Cancer Research Early Clinical Trials Network (Co-Appl):- £750,000 2014-2018
  10. Yorkshire Cancer Research: Menopausal status modifies breast cancer progression and response to therapy – Clinical Fellowship (Co-Appl) - £180,000 - 2015-2018
  11. Bayer Pharmaceuticals A randomised phase IB/IIA study of CApecitabine plus Radium-223 (Xofigo™) in breast cancer patients with BONe metastases (CARBON) - Clinical Trial Grant (PI) - £314,486 – 2016-2019

Key Publications

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