Dr Vitaly Kudryavtsev

Dr Vitaly KudryavtsevReader in Particle Astrophysics

Contact details

  • Room: E45
  • Phone: +44 (0)114 22 24531
  • Fax: +44 (0)114 22 23555

email: v.kudryavtsev@sheffield.ac.uk

Personal web page

Research interests

  • Dark matter search
  • Neutrino physics and astrophysics
  • Cosmic rays

Research projects

  • LBNE
  • Muon tomography


  • PHY112
  • PHY250 (Mathematics)
  • PHY251 (Nuclear Physics)
  • PHY466
  • Year 2 tutorials

Departmental administration

  • Year Tutor for 2nd Year Physics students

Professional activities

  • Co-founder and member of the International Advisory Committee of the International Conference series on the Identification of Dark Matter.
  • Member of the International Advisory Committee of the International conference series on Low Radioactivity Techniques.
  • Member of the Institute Boards of the International Collaborations EDELWEISS, EURECA, LAGUNA-LBNO.
  • Member of the International Science Advisory Panel of the AARM project (US).
  • Leader of the working groups within several large international projects.

Recent key publications

  • E. Armengaud et al. “A search for lowmass WIMPs with EDELWEISS-II heat-and-ionization detectors”, Phys. Rev. D, 86 (2012) 051701.
  • V. A. Kudryavtsev et al. “Monitoring subsurface CO2 emplacement and security of storage using muon tomography”, Intern. J. of Greenhouse Gas Control, 11 (2012) 21-24.
  • E. Armengaud et al. “Final results of the EDELWEISS-II WIMP search using a 4-kg array of cryogenic germanium detectors with interleaved electrodes”, Phys. Lett. B, 702 (2011) 329-335.
  • V. Tomasello, M. Robinson and V. A. Kudryavtsev. “Radioactive background in a cryogenic dark matter experiment”, Astroparticle Phys., 34 (2010) 70-79.