Honorary Research Fellow: Dan Lyons

Email: dan.lyons@casj.org.uk


Dan Lyons studied Social and Political Studies in the politics and philosophy departments here at Sheffield from 1990 to 1993. He completed his PhD on the politics of animal research in 2006 from this department. His thesis, entitled `Protecting Animals Versus the Pursuit of Knowledge; the Evolution of the British Animal Research Policy Network┬┤ was awarded this department's inaugural Andrew Gamble Prize for the Outstanding Thesis of 2006-7. Subsequently his study won the prestigious Political Studies Association's Walter Bagehot prize for the best thesis on Government and Public Administration.

He has combined part-time research at the department with a demanding full-time job as a leading UK animal protection lobbyist with the Sheffield-based organisation /Uncaged/. He joined the department as an Honorary Research Fellow in 2008. His research continues to focus on the animal research policy, as well as the development of the policy network analysis. His other current research interests include the relationship between environmental political theory and the philosophy of animal rights, and the representation of animals┬┤ interests in policy-making.


  • The Politics of Animal Experimentation (Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming - 2013)
  • D. Lyons, 'Protecting Animals versus the Pursuit of Knowledge: The Evolution of the British Animal Research Policy Process', Society & Animals 19 (2011) 356-367