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Research Centres, Institutes and Networks

Our research institutes and centres have been created to address global challenges facing society, today and in the future. They are often interdisciplinary, with external collaboration and funding, and have earnt international recognition.

Name Acronym Description
Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre with Boeing AMRC Identifying, researching and resolving advanced manufacturing problems for aerospace and other high-value manufacturing sectors.
Algal Biotechnology Sheffield Network ABS A multidisciplinary group of science and engineering researchers contributing to the field of biotechnology and applied phycology, particularly for the development of algal biofuel. The network aims to increase collaboration and communication across the University to enhance research in this exciting area.
Centre for Advanced Additive Manufacturing AdAM Conducts world leading research in the fast emerging field of Additive Manufacturing (aka 3D Printing).
Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare CATCH CATCH is researching new user-friendly technologies to enable people to live independently.
The Bakhtin Centre Studying and developing theories of culture in Russia and the USSR, and researching the work of the Russian philosopher and theorist Mikhail Bakhtin and the Bakhtin Circle.
Building Environments Analysis Unit BEAU

Researching energy and environmental issues in the built environment, providing the building industry with education, advice and consultancy on energy and environmental issues.

Catchment Science Centre CSC A collaboration with the Environment Agency to deliver novel interdisciplinary solutions to support the sustainable management of catchments to deliver good ecological quality in surface waters.
Cell-Mineral Research Centre C-MRC A virtual research centre studying the life and function of microbes that inhabit solid surfaces.
Centre for Applied and Interdisciplinary Research in Music CAIRM Dedicated to fostering the practice and study of music as seen, heard and understood from the widest possible range of perspectives.
Centre for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering CBTE Bringing together scientists, engineers and clinicians in biomaterials; tissue engineering; devices, implants & bioreactors; stem cells; imaging and analysis; and computational systems biology.
Centre for Cement and Concrete CCC Offers a wide range of research services to government and industry in cement and concrete.
Centre for Criminological Research CCR A focal point for theoretical and applied research into criminology and criminal justice, contributing at the highest levels to criminological knowledge and policy development.
Centre for Energy, Environment and Sustainability CEES Researching, developing, and deploying innovative ways of advancing the understanding of energy, environment and sustainability for a low carbon future.
Centre for Freedom of the Media CFOM Studies issues of media freedom and standards to illuminate where news media freedom is undermined or abused and to examine news media standards of independence and truthfulness.
Centre for Gender Studies in Europe Researches gender issues in the European context, ranging from specific interests in particular European states through to questions of European integration, citizenship and cultures.
Centre for Glass Research Provides a national and international focus for our research on glass science and technology.
Centre for Health Information Management Research CHIMR Undertakes research and education to improve the management and use of information within worldwide healthcare.
Centre for International Policy Research CIPOL Conducts research at the boundaries between Politics and International Studies, such as governance, migration, security, political identities and regional integration.
Centre for Linguistic Research Brings together linguistics researchers to study the related areas of theoretical and applied linguistics.
Centre for Luxembourg Studies Studies the multilingualism and multiculturalism of Luxembourg, coupled with the on-going promotion of the national language.
Centre for Membrane Interactions and Dynamics CMIAD Bringing together cell biologists with expertise in membrane traffic and the cytoskeleton with physicists, chemists, computational biologists and clinicians to understand how membrane dynamics contribute to the healthy organism.
The Mercury Centre The Mercury Centre is a research centre, part financed by the European Development Fund, that aims to support the Yorkshire and Humber region's economic development by enabling industry to secure a globally leading position through faster time to market for new sectors.
Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies Their research interests extend over the whole breadth of the 'long Nineteenth Century', from c. 1789 to c. 1914, covering British, American and European history, literature and culture.
Centre for Peace History Advancing our understanding of the historically contingent ways in which people have thought about and, quite literally, made peace.
Centre for Political Theory and Global Justice CPGJ The Centre for Political Theory and Global Justice was established in 2011 in order to focus and deepen the role of political theory in responding to global issues of human coexistence.
Centre for Psychological Services Research CPSR Undertaking translational research aimed at improving the organisation, quality, and delivery of psychological services to people who have mental or physical health problems.
Centre for Regional Economic and Enterprise Development CREED Researching into the increasingly important areas of regional development and entrepreneurship.
Centre for Signal Processing and Complex Systems Developing system identification, signal processing, and analysis methods to address the challenging problems and highly complex behaviours in the life sciences and other related fields.
Centre for Signal Processing in Neuroimaging and Systems Neuroscience SPiNSN Identifying complex and nonlinear systems and developing advanced neuroimaging techniques and computational modelling in systems neuroscience.
Centre for Stem Cell Biology CSCB The first UK laboratory to undertake research on human embryonic stem cells and whose research and discoveries are central to developing clinical applications for pluripotent stem cells in regenerative medicine.
Centre for Terrestrial Carbon Dynamics CTCD Studying equations for the terrestrial carbon balance, at a variety of scales, by quantifying the uncertainties associated with such calculations and analysing how best to reduce them.
Centre for the Public Library and Information in Society CPLIS Contributing to the field of public library and information research and encouraging interaction between academics, professionals and policy makers.
Centre for the Study of Childhood and Youth CSCY Contributing to the improvement of children and young people's everyday lives through gaining a greater understanding of them and helping to develop local, national and international policies.
Centre for the Study of Children, Families and Learning Communities Undertaking research that understands and supports the development of children, parents and practitioners through inclusive, participatory and emancipatory methodologies.
Centre for the Study of Democratic Culture A hub for research that seeks to understand the history and practice of democracy.
Centre for the Study of Educational Development and Professional Lives Brings together researchers involved in main areas of educational research in the national and wider global context.
Centre for the Study of Genocide and Mass Violence Devoted to the study of all aspects of mass violence in history and at the present time.
Centre for the Study of Higher Education Researching a broad range of related studies in higher education and lifelong learning.
Centre for the Study of Journalism and History Uses journalism both as a source for understanding the past, and for clarifying ideas about the public sphere, language and discourse.
Centre for the Study of Law in Society CLIS A focal point for socio-legal research, contributing at the highest levels to socio-legal knowledge and policy development.
Centre for the Study of New Literacies Exploring new ways of conceptualising literacy and looking at ways in which new technologies are impacting on literacy practices.
Centre for Well-being in Public Policy CWiPP Considers how people's health and well-being can be defined, measured and improved in ways that help policy-makers determine the best use of scarce resources.
Centre for Workplace Health A partnership with the Health & Safety Laboratory and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to use high quality R&D to develop simple practical solutions to workplace problems.
Centre of Bayesian Statistics in Health Economics CHEBS Research focused on applying Bayesian methods in health economics and related research.
Ceramics and Composites Laboratory CCL A major EPSRC supported research group, whose particular research strengths cover the broad areas of ceramics, glasses, polymers and polymer matrix composites.
Chemical Engineering at the Life Science Interface ChELSI Enhancing interactions between chemical engineers and biologists across strategically important research themes, from wastewater to the treatment of disease.
Composite Systems Innovation Centre CSIC Dedicated to innovation in the science of composite materials, from fundamental research to large-scale industrial manufacturing.
Energy and Power Technology Centre EPTEC Independent solutions for assessing complete performance of fuels, lubricants and additives in aircraft engines, including their combustion and effects on emissions.
EPSRC National Centre for III-V Technologies Provides access to world-class expertise and state-of-the-art facilities for UK universities and industry.
Green Roof Centre The National Centre of Excellence for green roofs - promoting green roof development and implementation.
Hang Seng Centre for Cognitive Studies Supporting research on fundamental issues concerning the nature of cognition, such as the nature and organisation of the human mind and the relation between culture and the mind.
Humanities Research Institute HRI Supporting interdisciplinary research in the arts and humanities, and home to cutting-edge research projects using innovative digital technologies.
Immobilisation Science Laboratory ISL A Nexia Solutions University Research Alliance researching the science and application of waste immobilisation technology.
Institute for Cancer Studies An interactive environment for basic and translational cancer research promoting the understanding of the causes and cures of cancer.
Institute for Commercial Law Studies Undertakes academic and applied research in commercial law in the broad sense, including most, if not all, aspects of the law relating to commercial and business activity.
Institute for Microstructural and Mechanical Process Engineering IMMPETUS Brings academics and industrialists together to work on multidisciplinary projects in the thermomechanical processing of metals.
Institute for in silico Medicine INSIGNEO The INSIGNEO Institute for in silico medicine develops computational models capable of predicting the health status of each individual. These models are used for the personalised prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, in a process that is fundamentally transforming healthcare. INSIGNEO is pursing the scientific ambition behind the Virtual Physiological Human initiative.
Institute of Work Psychology IWP Developing and testing theories on the effects of work on employee well-being and performance, combining scientific quality with practical relevance.
Interdisciplinary Centre of the Social Sciences ICOSS The first large scale dedicated facility for social science research in the UK, accommodating over 100 researchers in multidisciplinary teams.
The Krebs Institute Undertaking research into mechanistic biology, from fundamental biological, chemical and physical studies, through to translation into biotechnological and medical applications.
Kroto Research Institute A research facility for engineering science at the interfaces between molecular science, engineering application and social impact.
The Leonardo Centre Specialises in research and development in tribology and surface engineering to support industry and society.
Logistics & Supply Chain Management Research Centre LCSM Focused on researching, developing and applying leading edge work on logistics and supply chain management, nationally and internationally.
Medical Humanities Sheffield A cross-disciplinary environment focusing on teaching and research at the interface between medicine and humanities, with a core theme of 'locating the human' in healthcare.
Mellanby Centre for Bone Research Undertaking a translational programme of basic and clinical bone research with a wide-ranging and comprehensive remit.
MRC Centre for Developmental and Biomedical Genetics CDBG Focused on developing animal models of human disease with the aim of stimulating the translation of findings from model systems to the development of novel therapies and clinical practice.
NanoLAB Developing advanced methods for the processing, structuring and characterisation/metrology of nanomaterials, and new technologies for the nanomanipulation and functional testing of nanoscale systems.
Political Economy Research Centre PERC Focused on policy problems raised by the current transformation of the world economy
The Polymer Centre A centre for research across an unusually wide range of subjects in the sciences, engineering, medicine, social sciences and humanities.
Research Centre in Surface Engineering RCSE Specialists in all matters relating to the production, evaluation and characterisation of coatings and surface treatments for engineering applications.
The Robert Hill Institute - Centre for Photosynthesis Research RHI Research focused on all aspects of photosynthesis, in plants and microorganisms, from molecular and cellular aspects to ecophysiology and global change.
Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre in Advanced Electrical Machines and Drives Undertakes research programmes under the direction of Rolls-Royce, with a view to facilitating advancements in technology aimed at future market requirements.
Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre in Control and Systems Engineering Researching control systems, embedded software, systems and control law definition, safety and reliability, high integrity software and systems integration.
Sheffield Cancer Research Centre SCRC Sheffield Cancer Research Centre is a collaboration between the world leading scientists and clinicians who work at the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. The Centre is funded by an alliance of Cancer Research UK, Yorkshire Cancer Research and Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity.
Sheffield Centre for Advanced Magnetic Materials and Devices SCAMMD Using experiment and simulation to investigate fabrication, application and basic understanding of magnetic materials.
Sheffield Centre for Aegean Archaeology SCAA Researching all aspects of the archaeology of the Aegean in many disciplines, such as bioarchaeology, archaeology of material culture and ancient materials, field archaeology, study of ancient texts.
Sheffield Centre for Archaeobotany and Ancient Land-Use SCALE Researching plant economies and land use, integrating archaeology with ecology, botany, agronomy, earth sciences, genetics and ethnobotany.
Sheffield Centre for Historical Archaeology SCHA Characterised by both breadth of chronological coverage and by unity of focus, their basic premise is the argument that `historical archaeology┬┤ is the archaeology of literate societies.
Sheffield Centre for International and European Law SCIEL Researching into the global and European aspects of legal issues in an increasingly globalised world.
Sheffield Centre for International Drylands Research SCIDR Researching into past, present and future dryland environments and peoples, focusing on the causes and processes of change and human interactions.
Sheffield Centre for Robotics SCentRo Researching new robot technologies through collaboration between engineering, AI and computer science, through to the cognitive, neurobiological, medical and physical sciences.
Sheffield Institute for Studies on Ageing SISA Engaged in a wide range of multi-disciplinary research into human ageing and influencing policy on ageing.
Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience SITraN Dedicated to finding the causes and cure for motor neurone disease (MND), as well as other neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and Spinal Muscular Atrophy.
Sheffield Institute of Biotechnology, Law and Ethics SIBLE Researching the legal and ethical aspects of biotechnology and the biosciences.
Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute SPERI Brings together leading international researchers in the social sciences, policy makers, journalists and opinion formers to reassess and develop substantive proposals to respond to the political and economic challenges posed by the global financial crisis and its legacy.
Sheffield University Waste Incineration Centre SUWIC Undertakes fundamental investigations into combustion, gasification, and pyrolysis of biomass/wastes and the associated power generation systems.
Solar Physics and Space Plasma Research Centre SP┬▓RC Seeks to understand the nature of key plasma processes occurring in the solar interior and the atmosphere of the Sun, from photosphere to corona.
Sorby Centre for Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis Using advanced transmission and scanning electron microscopy to investigate the microstructure and chemistry of materials.
South-East European Research Centre SEERC Supporting the peoples, economies and political institutions of South-East Europe through the conduct of research and policy analysis.
White Rose East Asia Centre WREAC A partnership with Leeds to develop a global centre of excellence for research and training on modern China and Japan.