Professor Gwilym Pryce

Director of The Sheffield Methods Institute




0114 222 7121

Gwilym is Director of The Sheffield Methods Institute and  Professor of Urban Economics and Social Statistics with the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at The University of Sheffield. He is also Co-Director of the ESRC AQMeN Research Centre and Chair of the White Rose DTC Advanced Quantitative Methods Development Group.

He was born in 1970 in Cardiff, Wales, the son of a steel worker and former miner. At age 7, he moved with his family to Goole, in North Humberside and completed his secondary education at Goole Grammar School. In 1988 he moved to Leeds to study Economics and Public Policy at Leeds Business School (LMU), from which he graduated with a First in 1991. After a year studying theology at Covenant College in the Midlands, he completed a MSc in Economics at the University of Warwick.

After a short stint at Aberdeen University researching capital charges in the NHS under the supervision of Professor David Heald, he was awarded an ESRC Research Fellowship in the Centre for Housing Research and Urban Studies, University of Glasgow in 1995. He progressed to Lecturer in 1996, Senior Lecturer in 2003 and to Professor of Urban Economics and Social Statistics in 2006.

Regarding his Directorship at the Sheffield Methods Institute Gwilym said:

“I’m keen to start my mission at the Sheffield Methods Institute to raise the bar of quality research methods. One part of this will be training the next generation in robust quantitative data techniques that can be applied to the big questions facing our society. But also to facilitate the transformation of the research environment by breaking down boundaries within social science disciplines, and ultimately bringing quality data closer to policy makers.

“Understanding quantitative data is not only the responsibility of researchers and Government, it’s our collective democratic responsibility to be an informed electorate with a social understanding of statistics and to be critical of the numbers we are presented with.”

Research Interests

His core research interests are largely in the broad field of urban economics, and most of his research publications have been on housing and mortgage markets.

Journal articles


  • Chen Y & Pryce G (2014) Migrants’ job search in urban China: Social networks and the open labour market In Wu F, Zhang F & Webster C (Ed.), Rural Migrants in Urban China: Enclaves and Transient Urbanism (pp. 69-83). London: Routledge.
  • Pryce G (2012) Housing wealth distribution in the United Kingdom, International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home (pp. 691-696).

Conference proceedings papers


  • Kavanagh L, Lee D & Pryce GB (2014) Poverty in suburbia: Has Glasgow gone the way of American cities?
  • Hallett SH, Shao L, Jones K, Pryce G, Blenkinsop S & Fowler H (2013) Community Resilience to Extreme Weather

Dictionary/encyclopaedia entries

  • Chen Y & Pryce G (2012) Environmental risks: flooding. In International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home. Oxford: Elsevier.

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