Professor Allison James

Professor of Sociology (BA, PhD, AcSS)

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Academic Profile

Born in 1954 I grew up in Birmingham and then moved north to Durham University where I took a joint degree in Sociology and Anthropology. This sparked my fascination with the overlap between these twin disciplines. It was at Durham that I also first became interested in children and childhood - my BA dissertation for sociology compared the images of childhood to be found in Victorian children´s books with those more contemporary ones of the late 1970s.

Awarded an SSRC scholarship I stayed on at Durham to do my PhD in Social Anthropology and carried out research with children and young people in a small mining community in the north-east of England. I was keen to explore the potential of `anthropology at home´ and have continued to carry out fieldwork with children in British society.

In 1989 I was awarded a three year British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship, held at South bank Polytechnic, and then moved to the University of Hull to take up a full-time teaching post in 1992. Having been made Reader in Applied Anthropology in 2002 I then moved to Sheffield as Professor of Sociology in 2003.

I have worked in the sociology/ anthropology of childhood since the late 1970s and have helped pioneer the theoretical and methodological approaches to research with children which are now central to the field of childhood studies. My work focuses on children as social actors and my research has included work on children´s language and culture in relation to theories of socialisation, children´s attitudes towards sickness and bodily difference and children's experiences of time at home and at school. I also have research interests in the fields of the anthropology of law and policy, medical sociology, the life course and the sociology and anthropology of food.

  • Professor II appointment at NOSEB, Norwegian Centre for Child Research, Norwegian University for Science and Technology, Trondheim
  • Member of Advisory Council, Centre for Childhood and Adolescence, Cyprus College
  • Academician of the Social Sciences (2011)


I have carried out a number of field research projects with children and about childhood, some of which are listed below (see Funded Research Projects).

I have also carried out desk based research exploring issues around ageing and identity across the life course, representations of food, and work which has helped develop new theoretical approaches to the study of children and childhood.

My research interests include:

  • children’s culture
  • theoretical approaches in childhood studies
  • medical sociology, especially in relation to children and childhood
  • life course , narrative analysis and and biography
  • sociology and anthropology of food
  • interdisciplinary research methods and research writing
  • the sociology/anthropology of everyday life
Funded Research Projects
Date Sponsor Details
2012-15 Sheffield Children's Hospital NHS Trust Beyond family centred care ( with P. Curtis)
2012-14 University of Sheffield Advanced Fellowship
2011-12 Lindum Turf/Sheffield University My Green Roof (with P. Curtis). Sponsor
2006-08 Leverhulme Children as family participants: negotiating food practices in everyday life. (with P. Curtis)
2005-07 ESRC Space to Care: Children’s
Perceptions of Spatial Aspects of Hospitals. (with P.Curtis)
2001-03 ESRC Constructing Children´s Welfare: a comparative study of professional practice (with A.L.James)
1997-00 ESRC Changing Times: children´s perception and understanding of the social organisation of time (with .P. Christensen, and C.Jenks)
1995-97 ESRC `Family Based Conceptions of Dependency´: a cultural construct?' (with J. Hockey)
1988-91 British Academy The Classification of Handicap as `significant difference´ in Children´s Culture

Publications since 2005

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