About UCS

UCS (University Counselling Service) is a free confidential service available to all students at The University of Sheffield.

We endeavour to support students in distress by helping them through difficult personal or academic issues. Sometimes this can be a signposting to useful resources (such as online self-help) or this may require a short series of appointments. Clinical autonomy within UCS ensures safeguarding students is at the forefront of our decision making.

UCS does not consider itself to be a crisis service. All students with an acute or urgent need of support should always consult their GP or UHS (University Health Service) in the first instance.

UCS offers a range of services:

  • Self-help resources (online & paper)
  • Workshops and group sessions
  • Individual counselling

Making an appointment

UCS is able to make an assessment of students emotional and personal issues via a 'Triage' appointment.

All students, regardless of previous use with the service, will need to register online.

Upon completing the Online Registration, UCS will contact the student to notify them a booking can be made at their convenience.

More details about our SLA (Service Level Agreements) can be found in our User Contract leaflet.