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Welcome to the University Counselling Service (UCS)

UCS  is a free confidential service available to all students at The University of Sheffield.

Booking an Assessment with Online Registration

UCS is able to make an assessment of your emotional and personal issues via a 'Triage' appointment.

All service users, including previous clients, should register online. It takes 2 minutes to complete and we see everyone within 10 working days.

Bookings can be made at your convenience.

UCS offers a range of services:

  • Online & paper based self-help resources
  • Workshops and group sessions
  • Individual counselling

Student Stories - A Selection of Video Interviews

Meet Marek, Katherine, Emily and Eloise who share their experiences of using UCS. They talk about getting access, stigma-busting and what they have found most useful. Further videos can be found on the SSiD YouTube channel.

About Us - A Short Film

Watch our 5 minute mini-film that features service users views about how we helped them - and how we can help you.

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