Examination Timetable Information

Please check the timetable links to the right of this page for details of upcoming examinations.

The DRAFT timetable for Spring Semester 2016/17 examinations is now available.

Please check the dates and times of your exams with care.  If you have any questions, contact the academic department responsible for setting the exam.  You are advised to wait for the timetable to be finalised, before making any travel, work or holiday plans.  The Final Timetable will be available by Friday 05 May

You are responsible for ensuring that you arrive for your exams on time. For advice and further information, please contact the Student Examinations Team.

If you usually have support adjustments for your exams, please check your University email account regularly for information and updates.  You will be emailed details of your exam locations and confirmation of your support arrangements 2-4 weeks in advance. Note that your exams run at the same time as the main timetable, but may be in a different location. Contact the Student Examinations Team with any questions.

Read the University exam regulations in advance and make sure that you are well prepared.

Please plan your travel well in advance and check for possible disruptions to your journey.


Check weather forecasts and the University's Snow and Ice web page, during the winter months.  It is very rare for examinations to be cancelled and so you should plan to travel safely to your examination, whenever possible.

Supertram: Additional services run during exam periods. Check the timetables with care if you are travelling to exam halls off-campus.

Outside the Main Assessment Period

Examinations scheduled outside the main exam periods are confirmed approximately 4-6 weeks in advance. Check the timetable.

If you are resitting, there may be fees to pay. Resit fees are payable immediately.

Some students are assessed outside the main autumn and spring semester assessment periods. If this applies to you, please check back regularly for updates. See link to the right hand side of the screen.

Examination Clashes

If examinations coincide (2 papers scheduled at the same time) please report the clash immediately by completing the on-line form below.

Examination Clash Reporting Form

Religious Holidays and Examinations

Please complete a 'Request for Religious Observance Form' at the beginning of each semester.

Examination Centres Overseas

This facility is only available to International students wishing to re-sit examinations in their home country. You will find more information here

Students are required to read the 'General Notes on Invigilated Examinations' and the 'University Examination Regulations' governing this area, for a more detailed description of examination procedures.