Undergraduate Students

Image for Alumni Schol WebpageWe understand that your degree brings with it specific costs. That’s why our undergraduate scholarships reflect the particular needs of your discipline, and cover a wide range of subjects. Whether it’s engaging in fieldwork or going on a year abroad, we want to support high-achieving students who are in financial need. Take a look at some of the scholarships that could help you achieve your goals.

Alumni Fund Scholarships

We have a number of scholarships available across all faculties that are worth £3,600 in total.  If you are eligible to be considered for one of these awards, the Financial  Support Team will contact you at your University email address with an invitation to apply.

During 2016-17, the University is offering an additional 42 scholarships of £3,600 each, funded by a donation from the Denise Coates Foundation . The Denise Coates Foundation is a registered charity, which gives grants to a wide range of charities including those which work with young people, communities in the developing world, and other universities.

Individual Department Awards

We also have Alumni Fund scholarships for students where a donor has specified a certain department within the University that they would like to support.  The number and value of these awards vary and we will contact you if we identify you as eligible to apply.  We currently have scholarships available in the following departments:

  • Animal & Plant Science - Up to £2,000
  • Chemistry - Up to £3,600
  • Economics - Up to £1,000
  • French - Up to £3,600
  • Geography - Up to £3,600
  • Law - Up to £3,600
  • Medicine - Up to £3,600
  • Music - Up to £3,600

Alumni Fund Study Abroad Scholarship

We have a number of awards available for students who may otherwise struggle with the costs associated with study abroad.  More information will be provided if you attend the Study Abroad & Erasmus Fair that is held each year. The value of the awards vary from £1,000 - £3,000.

Application Process

If your household income is £50,000 or below and you are means tested by Student Finance, you will be invited to apply for a scholarship. 

Selection Process

A selection panel consisting of senior academic and professional services staff, will consider your scholarship application. When making their decision, the panel will give regard to the following:

• Applicant has provided a clear rationale for choosing to study an undergraduate course at the University of Sheffield.
• Applicant has identified clearly how the scholarship will be beneficial to her/his student experience.
• Applicant has clearly articulated future ambitions; these goals relate to the undergraduate course he/she has applied for, and they involve appropriate and credible contribution from which others will benefit.
• If the applicant has had to overcome exceptional circumstances.

In order to have a broad representation of our diverse student body, faculty/course, gender & ethnicity may be considered when allocating specific awards.

Alumni Fund Study Abroad Scholarship

If you are eligible to apply, we will contact you in February, prior to commencing your Study Abroad programme.

Once submitted, your application will be considered by a Selection Panel of senior members of staff and will be treated in the strictest confidence. The decision made by the Selection Panel will be final.

If you have any questions, please contact the Financial Support Team; alumni.scholarships@sheffield.ac.uk