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By 2050, the world's population will be more than 9 billion and around 70 per cent of those people will live in cities. Cities throughout the globe are wrestling with major social and economic challenges. The Urban Institute addresses some of the challenges facing our cities today and in the future.

Cities are shaped by the interplay between technological innovation, individual and collective behaviour, institutions and governance. Traditionally these issues have been studied in isolation. This major, new research initiative draws together world class researchers from a wide variety of academic disciplines in a mission to stimulate new thinking about urban growth, resilience, infrastructure, urban governance and the smart cities agenda.

The Urban Institute provides an intellectual environment within which highly innovative, multi-disciplinary research is stimulated and undertaken. It provides support structures to ensure that academics can resource and deliver ambitious research projects that make a difference in the world. Our academics have particular strengths in the use of big data and in co-producing research with non-academic national and international partners from the business, third and public sectors. Our strategic partners include engineers, architects, landscape architects, developers, planners, policy makers and community groups.