A-Z list of staff members

Academic Staff

Name Post Research interests Email Telephone  Office
Tait, Prof Malcolm Head of Department
Professor of Planning
The mediation of urban development, professionalism and planning;  theorising planning activity. m.tait@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 6919 D11b
Atkinson, Prof Rowland Research Chair in Inclusive Society Gentrification and displacement, cities and crime; wealth, poverty and exclusion; segregation and urban security; 'gated communities' and fortress homes. rowland.atkinson@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 6936 F12
Bibby, Mr Peter Lecturer Language of planning policy; applications of GIS to public policy issues; historical uses of GIS data. p.r.bibby@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 6181 D7c
Campbell, Prof Heather Professor of Town & Regional Planning Planning, theory & practice; social justice and moral theory; decision making and policy implementation. h.j.campbell@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 6306 D21
Connelly, Dr Stephen Senior Lecturer Sustainable development; public involvement in governance; planning for sustainability in democratic societies, with a particular interest in normative issues of legitimacy and environmental justice. s.connelly@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 6916 D11f
Dabinett, Prof Gordon Professor for Regional Studies Spatial policy analysis: urban and regional policy and uneven spatial development in Europe. g.e.dabinett@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 6187 D11c
Ferrari, Dr Ed Senior Lecturer Housing markets; application of GIS to housing market research; housing market renewal. e.t.ferrari@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 6907 D23
Flint, Prof John Professor of Town & Regional Planning Housing policy, housing management, citizenship, crime and anti-social behaviour, neighbourhood renewal and social cohesion and religion. john.flint@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 6902 D25
Goodfellow, Dr Tom Senior Lecturer Urban development and politics in the global South. t.goodfellow@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 6913 F16
Henneberry, Prof John Professor of Property Development Studies Structure and behaviour of the commercial and industrial sectors of the UK property market and their interaction with the wider economy and state regulatory systems. j.henneberry@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 6911 D17
Jackson, Dr Cath Senior Lecturer Local property market functioning; retail planning and investment; retail investment diversification. c.c.jackson@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 6918 D18
Lombard, Dr Melanie Lecturer Urban informality, and land conflict in cities. m.b.lombard@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 6904 D26
Meth, Dr Paula Reader Planning contributions made by, marginalised people in post-colonial societies, South Africa in particular. Urban peripheries in the Global South. p.j.meth@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 6912 D24
Moore, Dr Tom Lecturer Community development and asset ownership, housing tenure and options of young people, housing inequality and poverty. tom.moore@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 6917 D3a
Powell, Mr Ryan Reader Urban marginality, urban governance, housing and labour market inequalities, group stigmatisation, Gypsy-Travellers and Roma, sociology of Norbert Elias. r.s.powell@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 6182 D11d
Pryce, Prof Gwilym Professor of Urban Economics and Social Statistics Urban economics, housing and mortgage markets. g.pryce@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 7121
Rae, Dr Alasdair Reader Urban and regional policy, neighbourhoods, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and spatial analysis, spatial aspects of deprivation. a.j.rae@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 6903 D26a
Sharp, Dr Liz Senior Lecturer The processes through which the public are engaged in making and implementing environmental (water) policy. l.sharp@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 6941 D3
Wagenaar, Prof Hendrik Professor of Town & Regional Planning Participatory democracy and local governance, interpretive policy analysis; practice theory. h.wagenaar@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 6924 D15
Watkins, Prof Craig Professor of Town & Regional Planning Structure and operation of property markets; the impact of public policy on real estate market performance. c.a.watkins@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 6925 D20
While, Dr Aidan Senior Lecturer State theory and the regulation of society and space; urban and regional economic development; environmentalism. a.h.while@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 6184 D19
Williams, Dr Glyn Reader Participatory development, poverty and political empowerment; 'everyday' state power and local political practices. glyn.williams@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 6179 D11e
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Emeritus Staff

Name Post Email Address Research Interests
Crook, Tony Professor Emeritus of Town & Regional Planning, and former Pro-Vice-Chancellor a.crook@sheffield.ac.uk Impact of housing, taxation and planning policy on the supply side of the private rented sector; impact of planning gain on supply of affordable housing; social housing and regeneration policy.
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Teaching Staff

Name Post Research Interests Email Address Telephone Office
Crookes, Dr Lee University Teacher Class, gentrification, urban regeneration and housing. l.crookes@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 6910 F15
Hamilton, Dr Ruth Teaching Associate Urban labour markets and deprived neighbourhoods. r.hamilton@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 6921 D26a
Keskin, Dr Berna Teaching Associate Housing economics; real estate; urban and regional planning. b.keskin@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 7126 D17
Lu, Dr Ally Teaching Associate Urban landscape history with colonial influence; cultural landscapes and conservation; sustainable urban design. ally.lu@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 6914 D11a
Nisha, Dr Bobby Teaching Associate Design decision-making processes and models. b.nisha@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 6934 D11a
Payne, Dr Sarah University Teacher Real estate development processes; interdisciplinary issues of environmental performance and business strategy, urban growth and urban sustainability. s.payne@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 6939 F14
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Research Staff

Name Post Core Projects Email Address Telephone Office
Chattaraj, Dr Shahana Research Associate Mega-cities in the Global South s.chattaraj@sheffield.ac.uk 26922 D7a
Houghton, Dr Jennifer Research Associate Living the Urban Periphery j.a.houghton@sheffield.ac.uk
Jankowitz, Dr Sarah Research Associate Urban violence and social trauma s.jankowitz@sheffield.ac.uk 26947 D7a
Macedo, Celia Research Associate Governance and social inclusion c.macedo@sheffield.ac.uk 26935 D7a
McNeill, Dr Jenny Research Associate Welfare conditionality j.m.mcneill@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 8356 D7a
Mukwedeya, Dr Tatenda Research Associate Living the urban periphery t.mukwedeya@sheffield.ac.uk
Westling, Dr Emma Research Associate Urban water governance e.westling@sheffield.ac.uk 0114 222 6927 D7a
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Professional Services Staff

Name Post Telephone Email address Office
Rachel Harland Departmental Manager 0114 222 2696 r.harland@sheffield.ac.uk D15
Simon Beecroft Department Administration and Research Manager 0114 222 6905 s.beecroft@sheffield.ac.uk C15b
Clea Carroll Learning & Teaching Officer 0114 222 6920 clea.carroll@sheffield.ac.uk C15b
Christine Goacher Finance Officer 0114 222 6901 c.goacher@sheffield.ac.uk C15b
Pauline Narvas Communications and External Engagement Assistant 0114 222 6900 usp@sheffield.ac.uk C15b
Bryony Olney Learning Technology Manager 0114 222 6189 b.olney@sheffield.ac.uk C15b
Keely Armitage Learning & Teaching Manager 0114 222 6180 k.armitage@sheffield.ac.uk C15b
Amy Woolley Placement, Employability and External Relationship (PEER) Manager 0114 222 6928 amy.woolley@sheffield.ac.uk C15b

Ellie Phillips

Journal Manager, 'Planning Theory and Practice' 07710 143467 e.phillips@sheffield.ac.uk
Porter 0114 222 9266 A Floor
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